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  1. theshimshock

    theshimshock Member

    Ok, android noob here. I have been hearing about the thunderbolt having battery issues despite having a more efficient second-gen snapdragon. I was curious if there were any batteries on the market that would provide a few milliamps more. The other thing I am curious about is if they would properly fit inside the phone case without a bulge. I think that a slightly larger battery is more acceptable than having to switch batteries halfway through the day. I heard about the 2700 milliamp battery but am afraid that it will turn the thunderbolt from a sleek sexy phone, to a camel. Thanks!

  2. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey Well-Known Member

    1600 MaH battery from Seidio will fit in the phone without causing a bulge and is supposed to give you a little extra life. Anything bigger than that will most likely cause a bulge but should give you more battery life per charge However, since they are most likely after market, they probably wont last as many cycles.
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  3. theshimshock

    theshimshock Member

    Awesome thanks!
  4. jbh00jh

    jbh00jh Well-Known Member

    I would wait until the phone comes out and listen to the feedback then.
    Nobody can give you accurate info at this point. You have to use the phone to see how it consumes the power.
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  5. skinien

    skinien Well-Known Member

    I totally agree with this. You should also wait one or two weeks AFTER the phone has launched for feedback. My Captivate seemed to be better on the battery after four or five battery cycles.
  6. robrecht

    robrecht Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't bother with buying any more Seidio 'extended life slim' batteries. No noticable difference from stock when they're new and they crap out after 8-9 months of normal use. Buying an extra stock battery is cheaper and will probably last longer. If you buy from Verizon they will stand behind it; but Seidio won't.
  7. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey Well-Known Member

    ^Exactly^. The extra mAh batteries should give you more battery life in theory, but there are other factors than just mAh. So they might not be as good even if they are a higher capacity. I heard Seidio makes good stuff but won't last as long as OEM batteries. If HTC makes extended capacity batteries for it, that would most likely be your best bet.
  8. ncwildcat

    ncwildcat Well-Known Member

    Be careful with Seidio batteries - I bought a 1750 for my Dinc, and it was crap. It lasts 2/3 as long as the stock 1300 battery, espicially on a bump charge. The Seidio would bump for about 2-4 minutes, the OEM bumps for over 30 minutes. I like the innocaseII, and have ordered one for my Bolt, provided I ever actually get a bolt (in like 2013 when they are finally released!)

    My biggest hope is that HTC figures out the battery thing. My wife's X gets much better batt life and much better reception, but I guess that is the case with every HTC phone I have owned (Dinc is my 5th). Blackberry/Motorola/Apple have always smoked HTC in Batt life and Reception, but HTC to me makes a better overall phone that is definately more developer friendly
  9. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    Some of our posters question if the extended batteries play well with the built-in software's idea of when a full charge has been reached. This might well be taken into account on these extended battery issues. I've no firsthand knowledge, just passing on what many others have posted.
  10. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey Well-Known Member

    Oh yea, they guy at Seidio suggested that if you use their extended battery, you should charge the phone for an hour or two after it says it is full.
    Nvm, couldn't find the reference.
  11. BzB

    BzB Well-Known Member

    i haven't heard of any battery issues with the TB. seems like a lot of speculation.

    the seidio slim extended battery for my incredible provides that bit of extra juice i need to make it through the day. i'm still going to hold off on getting an extended battery for the TB until i use it for a week or two.
  12. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    I can't place a reference offhand either, but that's exactly one of the things I've seen posted numerous times.
  13. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    I respectfully disagree about Seidio. I have their extended batteries on my Dinc (the 3500 extended battery) and my Droid 1 (the 2700 Extended battery), and find that they both make a significant difference in battery life. The 2700 battery on my Droid1 works fine, but the Motorola hardware has difficulty reading extended batteries and gives bizarre readings of how much charge is left. It's not the battery's fault, it's the Motorola hardware to blame.

    The Seidio 3500 battery for the Dinc was a Game Changer. Hands down, the *best* investment I ever made on a cellphone accessory. It absolutely SOLVED my battery problems on that phone. Now, I go days and days between charges...and I'm a heavy battery user.

    Seidio makes quality batteries, and they're well worth the money you pay for them.

  14. ultradroid

    ultradroid So many android phones... VIP Member

    From Seidio online - seidioonline.com "In order to obtain the full capacity of your Seidio battery, we highly recommend that you leave the battery/your phone on the charger for an additional 2-3 hours after the charging indicator turns green or the battery status show."


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  15. EvilMonkey

    EvilMonkey Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that, I thought I was going crazy. I knew I saw it somewhere.
  16. robrecht

    robrecht Well-Known Member

    Actually, you're not really disagreeing with what I said because you're talking about the huge, oversized batteries and I was talking about the 'extended life slim' batteries that Seidio advertizes as having a little bit more capacity but the same size as the stock battery. I've had both kinds from Sedio as well as the oversized OEM batteries. The oversized Seidio batteries definitely have higher capacity than the stock size batteries. I don't think anyone questions that.

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