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  1. Matkap

    Matkap Member

    Guys, since yesterday it says "connection error" when I try to refresh my email. However it also says I have (8) new emails in the inbox but it just doesn't display emails.

    To see if it works I've sent myself a new email and now it says (9) new emails in the inbox but still keeps saying "connection error" and does not display the new emails. And it says last updated 03/10 wednesday (2 days ago).

    I changed the incoming/outgoing settings, I also changed the number of recent messages from 25 to 50 to back to 25 etc. Nothing seems to work :(

    What's more interesting is I went into my email from my laptop deleted some of the recent emails and went into my galaxy s3 and tapped refresh and instantly those emails are also deleted from the s3 (sync) but still did not bring up the new emails :( So it somehow syncs for old emails but doesn't display the new ones except letting me know how many new ones there are.

    How can I fix this?

  2. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    1. Settings>Application manager>All>Email>Clear data
    2. If account disappears set it up again and set up to sync all.
  3. Matkap

    Matkap Member

    OK, I did this. I wanted to keep previous emails but all emails as well as email accounts got deleted. I wanted to fix my work email acc only but my work email, my hotmail and gmail accounts all got deleted in the process :(

    Coming back to the problem, I set-up my work mail again. It notifies (13) new emails next to my account (eg. workmail (13)) but only displays one email which is from 2 days ago (wednesday). It also keeps saying "connection error". There is no connection error because I can easily log into my workmail via webmail website.

    What I see on the screen:
    Workmail (12)
    Last updated: 05/10/2012 12:48

    Blank email section (no emails)

    "connection error" when I tap refresh

    This is really frustrating :mad: Any other suggestions?
  4. Szadzik

    Szadzik Well-Known Member

    Maybe set it up as I said to sync all emails so that old unread ones do not get hidden.

    BTW., why do you use email app for GMail?
  5. Matkap

    Matkap Member

    It was my mistake, I do not use email app for gmail, I use the gmail app. I use the email app for my workmail and hotmail.

    Yes email is set-up as sync all but I just removed sync and it is still showing (12) emails. I opened all folders, they are all empty. I picked sort by read/unread and still did not show anything. Don't know what else to do :(
  6. Matkap

    Matkap Member

    I deleted my work email from my phone and did not set it up again on the weekend but when I setup my work mail again today, I had the same "connection error" problem and again I can see the amount of new emails in inbox as numbers but can't see the actual emails.

    Can this be because of a problem with the server/hosting company etc.?

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