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  1. frisket

    frisket Member

    How do I export everything from the Calendar app on the Hero?

    I am having the usual horrendous problems syncing with Google Calendar
    and suddenly all entries on my gCal have vanished. But they are all still on
    the hero, so I want to back them up ASAP before anything else happens.

  2. zaffy

    zaffy Active Member

    Calendar events download to the Hero automatically from G Calendar
    But to upload events from Hero to G calendar you need to do this

    1. Tap the day you want to set up an event on
    2. Tap "add event"
    3. Select your google account in "Calendar" drop menu (at top)
    4. Type in the info you wish (event, time,etc.)
    5. Tap "Add"

    Its as simple as that, and as long as you are online, it will upload
  3. frisket

    frisket Member

    Thanks, but that's not what I asked. I want to back up the events in my Hero calendar in case sync screws them up and loses them all on me.
  4. zaffy

    zaffy Active Member

    The whole point of using google is that you don't have to sync to your Hero, if you set up correctly its all automatic the moment you go online
  5. unl0rd

    unl0rd Member

    It would be nice if it worked like that, but it doesn't.
    Use a backup program.

    Just one of the many oversights Android has to offer. But hey, it's just 2 years old and only getting better.
  6. Android_News_4u

    Android_News_4u New Member

    Actually there is a program that will export one or more of your calendars to an .iCal file and then you can upload to Google Calendar, Outlook or just import back into your Android phone calendar. It works flawlessly! It's called iCal Import/Export, search for it in the Android Marketplace. :D
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  7. TwinsMomVA

    TwinsMomVA Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to say thank you, I have been tearing my hair out looking for a way to export my Android calendar (not gmail calendar) and in one post you saved my sanity (and my hair!)
  8. PuffMaN

    PuffMaN New Member

    omg lol, this is, hopefully, exactly what i was looking for. i flashed an ICS rom on my HTC Desire, and restoring calendar with Titanium Backup just made the calendar app crash. fortunatly i took a full backup of my stock rom, with all calendar data in it, but in my ICS i had an empty calendar. unfortunatly i wasnt able to save my hair. as i dont have any. Gilette took care of that problem for me :p
  9. DefyAnt

    DefyAnt Member

    Kirk: "But first we need to figure out how to gain our freedom."
    Cloud William: "Freedom!? That is a Yang worship word; you will not speak it!"

    I just downloaded iCal Export/Import, exported from Calendar on my Android, copied the .ics file ("BEGIN:VCALENDAR...") over to my Mac, imported into iCal, then ran Missing Sync which synced iCal back to Fliq Calendar on the Android! Success! Then I had to go manually delete the thirteen events from the original Calendar app so I won't get two alarms for every event.

    Ruk the Android: "YES!!!! [grabs and lifts Captain Kirk] THAT was the equation! Survival *overrules* programming!"

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