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  1. steve_f

    steve_f Member

    My Hero (latest Tmobile firmware version) is getting really slow, and I'm thinking of doing a factory reset on it.

    However, I would like to export the text messages, into CSV format or similar. Any readable format would do. I have always done this with my Nokia phones before.

    Does anyone know a way to do this?

    I like the phone (besides the camera) but it is getting slow, despite using taskiller, only installing about 7 market apps ever, and clearing the cache of those apps regularly.

  2. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    There are Apps from the market (location permitting) that can take care of this for you...one that spings to mind is 'SMS backup all' which is free :)
  3. _ivo_

    _ivo_ Active Member

    THE BEST way is to install WaveSecure on your mobile! :D

    First, this is great app with really a lot security and backup possibilities.

    Second, you can easily export SMS messages to .csv from web site (from backup)

    See screen shot ;)
    And at the bottom you have barcode of that app (if you have scanner installed)



  4. RemArcs

    RemArcs Well-Known Member

    I have an app called 'SMS backup' If you have a Gmail account its great. You get a text it syncs automatically and appears as if its an email in your gmail account. They stay there even if you delete them off your phone. I dont think it works for texts you already have though.
  5. Xyro

    Xyro 4 8 15 16 23 42 Moderator

    It does. You have to run it manually first time, then it will backup every text you have. Then it will backup any new ones from them on automatically.
  6. Anamacha

    Anamacha Well-Known Member

    I know I'm a bit late with this post -- but I was looking for some SMS backup information and found this thread. Looked into the WaveSecure app mentioned here, and saw that it is indeed free ... for 7 days, after which you have to pay some kind of subscription fee.

    I never installed it.
  7. Wajey

    Wajey New Member

    Try SMS Backup +, it is free.
  8. PVS

    PVS Well-Known Member

    [EDIT - SMS export has changed/simplified with PhoneLeash 1.9. It's now a simple consolidated list of SMS, for a given day, all in a single email]

    With PhoneLeash you can export to email ... looks like this in GMail


    And here is a pic of one of the SMS threads (as a GMail "conversation")

  9. DivaDena

    DivaDena New Member

    ok, i tried sms backup, but i cant open the gmail attachment in any readable format. so then i tried phone leash, but i cant even get an email, and there seems to be limited menu options. can someone walk me thru, step by step?
  10. PVS

    PVS Well-Known Member

    Hello - PhoneLeash SMS export has changed as of version 1.8 (v 1.9 as of writing). Now, what you get is a single email, showing a list of SMS' for a day, grouped by thread. The earlier implemetation was too complex for most users.


    I recommend you download the latest version (http://www.bit.ly/phoneleash) and send this command to your phone as an SMS (you can even SMS yourself):

    smslog 3/27/12 password

    (Change the date to the date you want)

    Do feel free to reach me at support AT gearandroid DOT com

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