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  1. kev74

    kev74 Member

    I have a couple of questions about extended batteries... do they really extend battery life and if so by how much? Do they have the same physical dimensions as the the default battery? And finally what are good brands to buy from? Thanks!

  2. nashelectronic

    nashelectronic New Member

    When purchasing a battery its important to consider the Milliamparage of the Cell Unit. I suggest you inspect the originally supplied battery that came with the Unit and keep sure to match all the specified information except the Milliamps available eg: 1900ma/h is smaller and wont last as long as a 2200ma/h battery. So long as the model details remain the same you may increase only the Output Voltage amounts, the higher you go the longer the cell will emit power. I hope this helps.. Cheers
  3. Barky

    Barky Active Member

    I posted a video a few days ago in the Battery life thread. It'll give you a visual of the size of a 3600 mAh.
  4. chrisgier

    chrisgier Member

    The higher the amp hour AH on anybattery will last longer. MAH milli amp hour milli amp per hour.
  5. NY Yankees 23

    NY Yankees 23 Member

    I got [​IMG] THIS. Only $24 on ebay although it comes from China and will take about a month to arrive. The US prices are about double that so i could wait for a battery. Lasts at least 3x as long. No problems at all.
  6. thebryceee

    thebryceee Well-Known Member

    A vid on youtube that I watched, her initial discharge of the battery straight from the seller took 44 hours to completely drain with moderate to heavy use.

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