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  1. Bjohnson66

    Bjohnson66 New Member

    I just got the Stratosphere with the extended battery. Anyone have any ideas where I can get a case to wear it on my belt?

  2. Scur

    Scur Well-Known Member

    The only case that I ever bought that didn't come from some mall kiosk or the dollar store was an Otterbox for my X2. Amazing case, I can throw my phone across the room and it's fine.
  3. kd8bqt

    kd8bqt Member

    :confused: Same question - Can't find ANY cases for extended battery except the one from Verizon which has a horrible texture on it! Also is there any way to change the notification screen, dialpad, etc color from the default green? :confused:
  4. kd8bqt

    kd8bqt Member

    I agree that Otterbox makes a great case (had one for my old BB) - But they don't even make a case for the *standard* Stratosphere. Any leads on cases for the *Stratosphere* with the *extended battery*? Thanks!
  5. John728

    John728 Active Member

    I went to Target and bought a Moda Casi generic smart phone case for about $10. It works great with or without the extended battery. It protects the phone and it has never fallen off my pants. You can access the audio jack while the phone is in the case, but not the USB port (unless you cut a hole in it).

    The clip had a tendency to catch on the belt instead of sliding on so I put a piece of black cloth tape between the clip and the phone to make it easier to slide onto my belt. Now it works perfectly.

    Moda Casi Smart Phone : Target
  6. riff raff

    riff raff Member

    Folks, new to a Stratosphere. I use a Case Logic leather flap/magnet lid case, which I like.

    My OEM battery life is awful. I see some of you have the extended life battery. Verizon has them at 50% off, for $25. Is it worth the cost? From your posts, they seem to fit into the case as well, a bonus.

    My battery was fully charged last night around 10 PM, in a hotel, but I was awakened today at 2 AM because my "Blink" app alert went off telling me the battery was nearly discharged. That is awful!

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