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  1. WilburNJ

    WilburNJ Member

    Hi folks,

    Do you think there will be after-market (or OEM) extended batteries made available for the Droid 4? I'm new to Android, so I don't know the history of third-party support, especially with respect to something like the Droid 4 (which doesn't seem to have an easily replaceable battery because of the whole "special tool" thing).

    I think I'd really like a physical keyboard for longer emails I might need to type, so I'm willing to live with some trade-offs to get it. But, I'd like to also be able to add a more substantial battery in case there are days when I plan to be away from a charger for extended times....

    Given the buzz around the Maxx, I imagine there will be third parties offering the opportunity to crack open an original Razr and add a new battery plus new back to make it effectively a Maxx. Do you think the same type of thing might happen with the Droid 4?

    Thanks for your thoughts,


  2. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member


    Per the manual, the battery is non removable and requires an official service center to replace if faulty (like the Razr).
  3. WilburNJ

    WilburNJ Member

    Thanks for the response, but I was hoping something more creative. I wan't asking about the specs of the phone -- that's obviously easy to find and I understand that Motorola doesn't intend for Droid 4 owners to replace the battery.

    But, that's even more true with the Razr, with a completely "sealed" back panel. But, within a week or so of the Maxx being introduced, someone had already posted a video on Youtube showing how he removed the back and battery of a standard Razr, inserted a Maxx battery, and snapped on the Maxx's back panel. He showed how it was not a perfect fit (with some gaps between the Max back and the volume rocker, but the modified unit otherwise worked just fine.

    I imagine given the hoopla about the great battery life of the Maxx, there will definitely be third-party providers of extended batteries and backs for regular Razr owners that will become available over time.

    So, I was wondering if it's likely that the same type of thing might happen with the Droid 4. It's a different proposition, perhaps, because the unit is already so much fatter than the Razr, so adding a bigger battery might make it too portly. Which means those third-party manufacturers may not think there's enough of a market for it.

    Anyway, that's what I was getting at with my original post. Has this line of phones experienced support of this kind from other suppliers? Do you think it's likely that people would buy a bigger battery even it is make the battery thicker?

    I'm new to Android, so I'm just trying to get a better sense of this kind of third party support. I noticed that there are definitely non-OEM extended batteries on the market (with appropriate new back panels to match), so is it likely that these vendors would do something similar for a phone that technically does not have a removable battery?

    Sorry for the long-winded explanation/elaboration of my query.


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  4. zeroibis

    zeroibis Active Member

    I would buy an extended battery if there was one.
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  5. radcliff

    radcliff Member

    I ALWAYS buy the extended battery. I kill phone batteries.... BUT keyboard is a must. I have the Droid3 and bought my Motorola ext battery from Verizon they day I purchased the phone. That I can't with this one is a little disappointing. Wondering how much differance I will see? my 3's ext battery is and 1880 mAh and the one coming with the D4 is 1785 mAh.
  6. Not having a replaceable battery is the main downside to me about this phone. I have always been able to carry a spare battery for my phone with me and it has saved me countless times.
    Aside from a warranty-voiding hack to get a replacement battery in, does anyone have any experience with emergency phone chargers, like this energizer micro usb one? Any other suggestions for a portable way to save a phone battery? iPhone cases have gotten pretty creative with building extra battery into the back of the case, but I'd rather not have to use something permanent.
    anyone know of a reason why it is in Motorola's interest to make the battery fixed when they're already allowing access to the the battery? It seems like they're missing out on potential $ from battery sales.

    I also think the phone is a bit big, even though 4" is smaller than a lot of smartphones coming out. I am glad they did not go any bigger. I think the OG droid, which I currently have, and (hate to say it) the iPhone 4 are perfectly sized.
  7. zeroibis

    zeroibis Active Member

    They sell extended batteries for the ipod color. Those bats were not intended to be removed but as long as you can get to the bat there is a way to remove it. How do you think the service center removed it...

    So hopefully we can somehow convince someone to sell us extended bats.. the how is the question.
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  8. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    I imagine those iPhone juice pack cases that plug into the USB and add more batt power will be marketable for these new Moto phones with no removable batteries. Hopefully someone makes some that don't make them massive bricks.
  9. PacifistShroom

    PacifistShroom New Member

    Hi there! I'm pretty sure there will be. Considering how many features a modern smartphone can support, the battery drain is just something that we should take for granted until someone invents a completely different type of battery.

    I personally am quite sure that Mugen Power will be offering something some time after the official release. They all ready offer a 3,600mAh extended battery for Droid 3, just Google HLI-XT862XL and have a look for yourself!

    Spelling errores aside, it's one heck of a battery. :)
  10. chrisngrod

    chrisngrod Member

    Alright alright... Does no one else see this possibility here?

    There Droid 4 has contacts on the back for the wireless charging back cover. If someone could make a battery pack that has the same contacts and acts as a back cover... Tada.. I think we'd have something that could charge the main battery. Really an external battery pack that fits the Droid 4 like a glove.

    -Droid 4 on Cricket Wireless (the first I'd imagine)
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  11. Linux4ever

    Linux4ever New Member

    I bought Universal Portable Charger from my local Verizon store since the sale person was asking me to buy all these other accessories for the phone for a good package price. I got the phone plus a bunch of accessories all for 250 dollars...
  12. chrisngrod

    chrisngrod Member

    IMP1000 = tons of extra battery life as well. -1 for the ZAGG Sparq... Great design, but not a large capacity.
  13. Now that iFixit has shown the battery isn't that hard to get to, is the move to wait until there are third party replacement batteries on ebay or something? Or still get a portable external charger.
    Also, I did not realize that the Droid 4 would have wireless charging compatibility, that is pretty sweet.
  14. krfuge

    krfuge New Member

    I purchased an extended external battery unit that will charge pretty much anything that can plug into a USB port. New Trent is the manufacturer and was going to post a link to a new model of the one I got but the forum spam check won't let me. :( I have been very pleased with it. I just got a Droid 4 today and will use it with it as well. I would suggest going out to Amazon or Newegg and seeing what your options are. Read the reviews and figure out which one fits your needs and your budget.
  15. Styrisvps

    Styrisvps Well-Known Member

    Verizon is offering Micro USB Extended battery Power just for only $24.99, so i would suggest you to buy a new one.
  16. Mommato4Js

    Mommato4Js New Member

    We bought the Motorola P793 about a year ago and it works great for charging our phones. Not sure if Verizon still sells them but that's where we bought it. It has micro usb and standard usb ports for charging all sorts of electronic devices.
  17. BrooklynGal

    BrooklynGal Member

    I am very disappointed that the battery is not removable. I was having trouble deciding between the Droid 4 and the Bionic. The swype feature on th Bionic is ok, which led me to the 4. Among the main features I want in a phone are: a removable battery, swype, and a built in FM radio. I was going download the Fm radio app to either,
    At least removing the battery offers a reset of the phone and replacing when battery is low.

    I'm curious to see if the new Samsung Galaxy 3 will be a Verizon phone and what it has to offer. But I must admit, I wish these Droids had it all.
  18. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    Googling revealed that you can do a soft reset (A.K.A. battery pull) on the Droid 4 by simultaneously holding down the Up Arrow/Alt/Delete. Similar to doing CTRL/Alt/Del on Windows.

    ... Thom
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  19. BrooklynGal

    BrooklynGal Member

    Thanks Thom Little.

    Next week, I'll go back to the Verizon store and see if I can download the FM radio app again. Yesterday, I did download it, but it would not launch. It could only be for the Bionic though. I'll try to install the FMRadio.apk app and see if that launches.

    I'll also look for some type of backup battery as there have been times that I've needed to switch out the battery beacuse it was drained.

    Thanks again!
  20. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    For the FM radio ... did you try ... Bionic FM Radio ... it worked on Bionic and Droid 3. I don't have a Droid 4 so I can not tell for sure that it will work for you.

    ... Thom
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  21. BrooklynGal

    BrooklynGal Member

    Hi Thom:
    I did not try that one. Sometime this week, I'll stop by the Verizon store and try to download it. I might wind up purchasing the Bionic. The swype feature on the bionic isn't as good as Samung's so, I may have to carry a stylus. I currently have a windows phone which has all the features I want, but I need more internal memory.

    Thanks again.
  22. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

    I wasn't suggesting a switch to Bionic. Bionic, Droid 3, and Droid 4 are missing the FM Radio App. The one in the message I provided defiantly works for Bionic and Droid 3. I don't know about Droid 4. I think it is likely. Worth a try?

    The message has the link to the apk file. I just downloaded it to a PC, transferred it to the SD-Ext card with a USB connection, found it with the Files app, double-clicked on the file, and selected Install.

    ... Thom

    (You will find that there is ONE person in the Verizon store that everyone goes to for their technical information. Find that person.)
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  23. radcliff

    radcliff Member

    has anyone found a battery extending case for this phone? I found them for the iPhone and was curious? The 2nd battery is built into the case and you don't have to carry accessories
  24. BrooklynGal

    BrooklynGal Member

    Hi Thom:

    I realize you were not suggesting to buy the Bionic. I read that unless a chip was placed in the phone, that downloading the app will prove ineffective. I know that the Bionic has it, but not sure if the 4 does.

    The tech people in NYC are not the most knowledgeable; in fact, I've taught them I thing or two. You should see the look they give me once they find out what I know about the phone. The phones are locked to the display so a sales person would have to get a tech person to look at it. If the techs are busy, then that will be a slim chance. But I will try my best to download it on my own and then approach the tech person myself. I'll keep up you posted.
  25. Thom

    Thom Guides Guide

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