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Extended Battery for the MotionTips

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  1. jacobdrj

    jacobdrj Active Member

    So, I finally received my 3500mah extended battery for my LG Motion 4G. I got it from ebay, from some seller in Hong Kong.

    B176 New 3500mAh Extended Battery Black Door Cover for LG MS770 Motion 4G | eBay

    It came with an extended back plate.

    A couple of notes:
    It makes my silicone case worthless. It is simply too big for it.
    The back-plate feels almost exactly the same as the stock back-plate. It is a textured crisscross pattern with a plasticity feel. I was really hoping that like with my LG Optimus V's extended backplate, and my old Blackberry Curve 8530's backplate, that the new one would be rubberized texture so that it would better fit in my hand.

    The Issue:

    So here is my main problem. I know this isn't an issue specifically with this battery or my phone, but I am having a very hard time, as a non-rooted phone, being able to calibrate the battery. The phone will charge to 100%, I attempt to discharge the battery down to zero, and then turn the phone back on right after it shuts itself down, and the battery shows 38%! I run it down again, and the battery shows true zero. But I can't figure out how to calibrate my battery without rooting my phone! I tried to run it down all the way, and then charge it. Same thing happens. I am trying to do it with the phone off this time, and we will see if it works. but this is very annoying.

    I read that I might have to cycle the battery a few times with the phone off. But this could take a couple days. I would still like the use of my phone.

    Any ideas?

  2. Granite1

    Granite1 Zercron Encrusted Tweezer Moderator

    First off, I've seen folks trim their silicone case around the extended battery back so they can still use the case. Might be an option for you. just use a brand new razor blade and it shouldn't bee too hard. Plus the cases are just about as cheap as can be so if you mak a boo boo, you won't be out a lot of $. ;)

    Now the battery calibration thing is pretty much myth. Your phone will recalibrate on it's own. Wiping the battery stats from recovery just does the same thing your phone automatically does everytime you shut it down. It starts the graphs and your start time at zero.

    Keep running the phone completely down, then charge all the way up with it shut off. Do that once or twice and it'll be good to go.

    In my mind as long as the phone will last the whole day without a charge, it's all good. The rest is gravy. :)
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  3. jacobdrj

    jacobdrj Active Member

    Thanks for the battery calibration advice. I am just not used to it taking so long to get the boost from the new battery. Every other phone I have ever had, I got an instant boost without having to go though any hoops before.

    The old battery lasted almost the whole day with Juice Defender and a few tweaks. I was actually quite impressed and how slim the phone was and how well the stock battery ran, even with my phone clocked at 1.5Ghz...

    As far as the trick with the Silicone case... The way that this particular extended battery back plate is designed, taking a razor to it won't do much. Besides, that old cheep Silicone case isn't as perfect of a fit as I would have liked even with the old stock battery. It was too loose for my taste. Going from too loose to too tight. Oh, the trials and tribulations of being the owner of an unpopular phone ;)

    I really wish I could find a case with a kick-stand for my extended battery. But alas, I suppose I should be happy that there was a kickstand for the stock...

    I will keep trying to calibrate the phone with it off after a true full discharge...
  4. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    Ive had my 2600mah battery for more than 2 weeks. Today I drain my battery down to 0%, i restarted my phone and I still had 27%. I found if I disable the percentage I don't have to worry about the issue.
  5. Johnny Crapple

    Johnny Crapple Well-Known Member

    How is the battery life compared to stock?

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  6. unnamedny

    unnamedny Well-Known Member

    It's better, I don't know by how much but my guess would be 40% better. That battery calibration bug somewhat kills the deal. I had an Optimus M with same capacity extended battery and it never such an issue.
  7. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Since your original post, does anyone else have a better suggestion for a 3500 mAh extended battery (and back case cover) for the Motion ?

    Please provide a URL.

    Thank you.
  8. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Well-Known Member

    A battery-saving tip ive found to work well is to disable mobile data and only use wifi if youre in the office or at home. This works especially well if you don't work near a window (and you probably get 2 bars or less). Just be careful to switch it off when you leave as it will continually search for access points (and use up the battery).
  9. jacobdrj

    jacobdrj Active Member

    Better in terms of what? A rubberized backplate? A battery size in excess of 3500 mAh? Maybe a smaller battery, something that doesn't protrude quite as much?

    The new battery DOES go for longer. However, The battery simply doesn't show the full charge of the battery. As soon as I turn it back on, I have a 'reserve' of 38%. In some ways, this is a very good thing for emergencies. But having straight juice time, this is proving to be annoying. I think this is more an indictment of the phone than the battery...
  10. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    3500 mAh batteries (with cover) for the Motion are available for under eight dollars each, so the shipping cost more than the battery and cover.
  11. jacobdrj

    jacobdrj Active Member

    Shipping to USA is free. What country are you in?
  12. AppleUser

    AppleUser Well-Known Member

    Most of the places which sell the 3500 mAh batteries for six to eight dollars are in China, and most charge for shipping to the USA, and that charge for shipping exceeds the price of the battery.

    EXAMPLE: http://www.tvc-mall.com/details/LG-...ith-Battery-Cover-Door-3500mAh-BATY-MS770-01/

    Try buying one or more and go to checkout.

    In which country are you ?

    Here's an exception: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-3500mAh...or-Cover-For-LG-MS770-Motion-4G-/281017472784
  13. jacobdrj

    jacobdrj Active Member

    As I had mentioned in my original post:

    I bought the following battery from Ebay, with free shipping to the USA (I am in Michigan):

    B176 NEW 3500mAh Extended Battery + Black Door Cover For LG MS770 Motion 4G | eBay
  14. MyUsernameRox

    MyUsernameRox Well-Known Member

    Okay how about this: what if I set the motion to EvDo/1x auto or even 1x only-and only enable 4g when I really need it? Would that use less battery?
  15. Nintendo1889

    Nintendo1889 Well-Known Member

    Yes, then it would only be using the CDMA radio.
  16. eunhon

    eunhon Active Member

  17. jacobdrj

    jacobdrj Active Member

    That is the one that I now have. Has the same problem with the incorrect battery life showing until reboot.

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