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  1. optdoug

    optdoug New Member

    I have had my Droid Eris since February of this year. The only real complaint I have about this phone is the battery life. I can't get through a day without having to recharge my phone. I have been looking at some of the extended batteries that are out there. The seem to range from 1500 mah to 3500 mah and go for as little as $10.00 like this one. Extended Battery & Door Cover For HTC Droid Eris 6200 - eBay (item 170543335308 end time Nov-20-10 08:00:57 PST) I realize that this is coming from China, so I will probably have to wait a month before I receive it, but is it worth the wait? Has anyone tried these and really gotten extended life? I would like to know.


  2. t0ast3d

    t0ast3d Well-Known Member

    I've got an extended battery from China for my Evo and it gets crazy battery. It was well worth it. I'm pretty sure it's the same battery but I recommend it.

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