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Extended battery, worth it?Tips

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  1. badjustice

    badjustice Member

    Dose anyone have a extended battery and how do you like it? I find that if I run Pandora it only lasts about 3 hours or so and I would like to make that a lot longer. Also can you still get a case on it? Other then that I love my new bad ass Droid 3.

  2. Knitewulf

    Knitewulf Well-Known Member

    I don't have the extended battery, but I do know that you can still get a case on it.
  3. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    I'm also thinking about it, although at $50 (I think), I don't know if it's worth it. My thought is that if one has a charger available in multiple spots, then maybe it's not needed. In my case, I have a charger at home (2, actually), 1 at work, and 1 in the car. But if I'm out and about for the whole day, then that's when the wimpy battery affects my phone.
  4. kettigm

    kettigm Member

  5. JoeFishNC

    JoeFishNC Active Member

  6. JoeFishNC

    JoeFishNC Active Member

    There is also an Extended Battery with Cover...1930...found it for $38
  7. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    ^ Good to see aftermarket batteries starting to appear. Looks like the OEM that VZW sells are ripoffs.
  8. houseofgrafx

    houseofgrafx Well-Known Member

    Quick question....do you have to buy a new backing for the extended battery? I know they are usually thicker but the ones posted in links here are for the "slim" battery. Does that mean the OEM back cover would fit?
  9. kettigm

    kettigm Member

    the 1800 batteries above fit under the original slim back.. got mine on Saturday.. i never have to charge during the day now.
  10. IzelTokatl

    IzelTokatl Well-Known Member

    so how much more time are you really getting out of the 1800 battery? does the 300mAh make that much of a difference?
  11. glennj

    glennj Well-Known Member

    I was sold the Motorola 1900+ extended battery with its slightly different case at the Verizon store in North Hills, Raleigh, NC. They also sold me the black hard rubber textured 2-piece case for the phone. The two do NOT fit together, as the bottom helf of the 2-piece case keeps slipping off if the extended battery's cover is used instead of the regular battery cover.

    I could get the original battery cover on over the extended battery, and the textured black hard rubber case fits, more or less, then. I have heard, though, that this is not a good idea because the extended battery can swell and cause possible damage to the phone if it doesn't have the little bit of extra room the extended battery cover provides and since I really like this phone I am not willing to try it. I went back to the original battery rather than leave the back of the phone unprotected.

    I want a stretchy latex style skin case, but have not found a one yet. I bet that would stay on with the extended battery and its cover. Battery life with the regular battery is only a few hours here, unless I don't use the phone at all. Streaming Pandora over 3G, it seems to run down even while it is continuously plugged in, but that can't be right...can it ?

  12. Hoosiermama

    Hoosiermama Well-Known Member

    I posted in another thread that I took my phone into VZW because my battery wasn't even lasting 5 hours (it was fine when I first got the phone, but started this on Friday). While there, I got the extended battery.

    I took the phone off the charger around 4 am this morning, have had wifi on all day, and streamed Jango all day at work. It's now 9:10 and I still have decent battery left. I'm going to see how long it lasts...well, at least if it dies before I go to bed tonight. It's at 20% now, and I've had wifi on, surfed the web, texted, made phone calls and played games since being home.

    I'm pleased with the battery life with the extended battery! If I can stream music for 9 hours and have wifi on, I think that's pretty good.:)
  13. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    Wow, that's pretty good feedback. I may have to get an extended battery, if not the expensive one from VZW, then the $20 Ebay one that people have mentioned here.
  14. houseofgrafx

    houseofgrafx Well-Known Member

    Is the more expensive extended battery from verizon a larger, longer lasting battery than the one on ebay? I like the idea of being able to use my original backing. Does the verizon one come with the backing or do you use your original?
  15. houseofgrafx

    houseofgrafx Well-Known Member

    Disregard my above post. I did some research. I realized the extended batteries from verizon come with the required backing that fits the extended battery. I also found the oem extended battery on ebay for $39.99 if anyone is interested :)
  16. kettigm

    kettigm Member

    My phone would drop to under 15% 2 out of 3 days with the oem battery.. I haven't dropped under 40% on any day since.
  17. bmar29

    bmar29 Well-Known Member

    Is there an extended battery that can be used with the Inductive Battery cover? I really like the idea of the wireless charging.
  18. BriCo84

    BriCo84 New Member

    I am looking for the same thing. I already have the wireless inductive charging going (works great by the way), and I saw this review a guy with a DROID 3 did (Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Energizer Qi-Enabled 3 Position Inductive Charger (Black)) where he mentions that he is using an extended battery with the inductive door. I am trying to figure out if that is the 1800 battery (same size as standard) or the 1930 (real extended, slightly bigger) battery. Can anyone confirm if the 1930 will work with the DROID 3 inductive battery door?
  19. fullerne

    fullerne Well-Known Member

    Does anyone else have the 1800 Slim Extended Battery found on Ebay and Amazon? It is advertised as being the same size as the original, but the two reviews on Amazon seem to disagree. One says it doesn't fit, and one says it fits if some finesse is used, but even then it is still not great. I would really like some extra battery life, but would like to keep the original back so most of the cases will still fit. If anyone else has any experience with his battery (or knows of any other "Slim" extended batteries), I would greatly appreciate some feedback. Thanks
  20. dguy

    dguy Well-Known Member

    Knockoff/fake batteries are extremely common, use caution. There is absolutely nothing stopping them from lying about the battery capacity.(They make up the majority that you find on Ebay)
  21. jwdink

    jwdink Active Member

    If someone purchases a less than 50 dollar extended battery from ebay or another source, and it is legit, could they post the link here? Wouldn't want to buy a dud.
  22. HadouGhost

    HadouGhost Well-Known Member

    I do not understand battery technology. How can you make one battery 1800 and keep it the same size as a 1400 or 1500? How can you icnrease the power output and not make it bigger. i just dont understand that..
  23. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    ^ Yeah, I agree. To be safe, get the OEM from VZW, but yes, you'll pay a premium for that.
  24. Hoosiermama

    Hoosiermama Well-Known Member

    I've had my extended battery for a few weeks now. I have the one from VZW. Typically, I'm going more than 24 hours without a charge, although yesterday was an exception. I was at the eye doc with my husband waiting for his eye surgery, checking my work email, surfing, texting, playing games, etc. most of the day. Came home, and had numerous phone calls, texts, and did some surfing. Wifi was on at home, too. Even after all of that, my phone battery didn't start to get low til about 10 pm. It still didn't die before I went to bed at 11.

    I am very happy with the extended battery!
  25. myersjesse

    myersjesse Member

    I am pleased with my extended battery which I purchased at verizon. It will last me 14 hours of very heavy use. The standard battery only lasts about 5 hours of the same use. I think that I may have a bad battery that came with the phone but I haven't had a real reason to call verizon and have them send me another one.

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