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  1. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    I feel the Rezound already has great battery life, bust just as a FYI Verizon has the extended battery for $24.99 on sale.

    I don't see it online but my corporate store had it. 2750Ah vs stock 1620Ah.

  2. maximus20895

    maximus20895 Well-Known Member

    I thought it was $30 so $25 is even better.
  3. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    damn.. i paid 30 for mine.. i guess different stores have different prices?
  4. mountainlover

    mountainlover Well-Known Member

    How much bulk does it add to the phone?
  5. Guardian Enzo

    Guardian Enzo Active Member

    It's not bad. This is the phone with the extended battery.
  6. andr01d

    andr01d Well-Known Member

    ^we can talk non-stop 3 weeks with that battery!!
  7. maximus20895

    maximus20895 Well-Known Member

    I just got the battery and I like the feel of the phone more than without the extended battery. It is a bit heavier and you can tell it's bulkier in your hand, but it fits my hand better.

    The price on the box was $49.99. They rang it up and said the total was $30 + tax. I told them it was 50% off so they took another $5 off manually. This battery it awesome for $25!

    I am now going to bump charge it to get the best battery life possible.

    [Guide][Bump-Charge] A Way To Sip More Power - xda-developers
  8. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    damn.. i can't belive i missed that. damn verizon always cheating their customers. too bad i already threw out my receipt.
  9. maximus20895

    maximus20895 Well-Known Member

    You still got it for $30 so that's good!
  10. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    yeah i know.. definitely liking the extra juice this thing gives me.
  11. maximus20895

    maximus20895 Well-Known Member

    Mine was at 50% and I put it on the charger 4 hours ago and it's still on 99!
  12. bik2101

    bik2101 Well-Known Member

    USB? or wall charger? USB i think doesn't give you the full 1mA, so it's usually much slower.
  13. maximus20895

    maximus20895 Well-Known Member

    I used the wall charger. It is at 100% now, I'm just about done bump charging it for more battery life. This is my first extended battery ever..and sadly my first smartphone..I think I'm going to like it though :)

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