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  1. onyxweb

    onyxweb Member


    A few of my Contacts in Outlook have quite long Notes fields.

    Unfortunately the standard People app in Android does not sync the whole thing.

    Can anyone recommend an app that will? (Don't mention Windows Mobile which I know will! Been there for ywears, and am trying to get away!)


  2. mageos

    mageos Member

    I too have contacts with large not fields. I can only see the first few lines when I view the contact. I know all of the info is there because if I edit the contact I can see the whole note field. Is there a setting anywhere to expand how much of the note is visible when viewing the contact? This is on a Motorola DROID running Android 2.0.
  3. spectrrr

    spectrrr Well-Known Member

    SAME bloody problem. THIS IS VERY ANNOYING!!
  4. Hi!
    I'm having almost the exact same issue, but HTC Sync truncated my Outlook notes for my contacts and my calendar and they aren't just not readily visible. They are gone. Admittedly, they are long, but that is how I need them to be. My Windows Mobile 6.5 Tilt 2 phone kept them all, easy for me to access.
    I don’t know what the HTC Sync, Android character limit is, but the limitation is a huge problem for me, since, like many others, I rely heavily on the notes I keep for my contacts and my appointments.
    Is there a hack or an app that one can use to make it allow for more characters on my HTC Inspire.
    I’m very frustrated that I may have to take an otherwise great smart phone back, but this is a real deal breaker of an issue.

    The HTC rep I spoke to said that AT&T set the character limits and HTC had to go by those limitations when designing the software, but I can’t see why anybody would feel a character limitation would make sense…especially when the devices are loaded with more and more resources; more RAM, more ROM, faster processor, larger micro SD compatibility, etc…

    Has anybody any ideas or solutions for this yet?

    Thank you and best regards, Barbara
  5. I forgot to add that I had backed up my Outlook .pst file before I attempted to sync with the new phone. I figure that it may have thrown away half my notes on my computer's Outlook too if I hadn't.
  6. richurichu

    richurichu New Member

    I am not an Android owner but trying to decide to purchase on basis of successful Outlook syncing. I have had a lifetime of Outlook syncing issues with Treos and Blackberries. Treos were a nightmare. BB also truncates my notes in Outlook contacts. It's true, Windows mobile devices sync perfectly with Outlook - big surprise.
    The folks who author syncing apps are pretty brain dead. Most Outlook users sort by the "file as" field in contacts. The syncing apps ignore this field and sort by with first/last name and company fields. Duh.
    Yes, back up your computer's .pst before you try to sync to your device. If you can, avoid syncing in both directions and sync only from computer to device. I recommend this because these stinking syncing programs have a habit of duplicating your contacts when they sync from device to computer. A true nightmare if you have thousands of contacts.
    I am at a loss to why BB and Android devices truncate Outlook contact notes, which are clearly vital to the gazillions of Outlook users to who take the time to enter these notes. These new devices now have tons of flash storage and there is simply no excuse for truncating any data. Is anyone at Google and RIM listening? Hello?
  7. Apparently not. :-(

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