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  1. spede150

    spede150 Member

    Does anyone know what size or model # adaptor i need for an external antenna for the precedent?

  2. sillyname

    sillyname Well-Known Member

    Being that there two antenna jacks behind the cover; one 3G, the other GPS, knowing which one you were wanting would be helpful.
  3. aust1nisnt

    aust1nisnt New Member

    Ok here... How about this? I would like model# for 3G antenna for my precedent...
  4. spede150

    spede150 Member

    the 3g..believe its the r1
  5. hothmobile

    hothmobile New Member

    Yes r1 is the port on phone but this does not help us know what adapter connector works. I tried ordering an lg adapter for connecting directly behind phone but did not fit. I don't know if Samsung r1 port is really different than lg? This is frustrating because suppliers all told me they while they have adapters for back of opened phone for many some phones, they never tested the precedent. And if you try to modify the port to fit, it bricks your internal antenna. I did this and had to ask for replacement.

    Anyone know an actual connector that fits this r1 port?

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