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External Antenna?General

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  1. LacWare

    LacWare Well-Known Member

    Ok so I live in the middle of nowhere and theres little to no cell service. I have set up a satellite to boost my wifi to my friends about 1 mile down (who needs a VLAN when you can just have a WLAN!). Anyway on to the point I was wondering if there was a way to run a second antenna up to it that could plug into my OE somehow. They're different frequencies so I don't think it should be an issue my main question is, how can I attach it to the phone physically? If I crack the case open is there a way I can hard line it into the stock antenna? If so I'd come up with a method to disconnect on my own just don't know what to look for to plug into.

  2. DroidMello

    DroidMello Active Member

    I'd say no. Even if there would be benefits in terms of signal there really isn't room to attach any kind of detachable connector. You'd most likely damage your OE. Why not use a voip service like groove ip on your phone when you are home if you have decent wifi and no cell service? You'll stilll be wireless and won't have to mutilate your phone.
  3. LacWare

    LacWare Well-Known Member

    Well I do actually use google voice for that reason, It was more for experimental purposes. If I could get that to work my next step would be to wireless rebroadcast it similar to the cell boosters you buy in stores.

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