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External camera?

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  1. Sean H

    Sean H New Member


    I'll start by stating that I am not a particularly technically minded individual so please excuse me if this is a daft question.

    I have just purchased my first smart phone, a Samsung S3, and am blown away by all it can do and all the other gadgets it seems to be able to replace.

    I was also about to purchase a sports helmet cam to film some mountain biking. The helmet cams generally come with internal storage and are for the most part self contained. A good one can be relatively expensive and they are not really that user friendly (compared to my S3's camera anyway).

    I got to thinking would it be possible to just get an external camera that can plug into the phone, so effectively using the camera phone just with the video feed coming in off an external camera? I had a look around the net and can see examples where security cameras transmit footage to phones, but I just want a simple bullet camera I can stick to my head and plug into my phone in a rucksack. I have no idea if this is possible, would anyone have any idea?

    I could just attach my S3 to my head, but sometimes I hit trees and it might end up being an expensive exercise.



  2. SeniorAlex

    SeniorAlex Member

    Hi Sean,

    why not buy a low cost video camera for the sport and transfer the results, suitably edited if you wish, to the phone when finished? There are lots of low cost cameras that would do the job and you would have better results on your phone when finished.

  3. Zero Hunter

    Zero Hunter Well-Known Member

    Don't know if there's anything on the market like that. I would suggest go with a GoPro camera.
  4. JillLoftus

    JillLoftus New Member

    As far as I know it's only a cosmetical thing. You cannot control it yourself, but it may be a prerequisite of some mission, like the winch.

    spy camera

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