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  1. sudiptaid

    sudiptaid Well-Known Member

    How to use any gsm dongle?
    I have aircel and beetel modem...
    Pls help

  2. pinappu

    pinappu Member

    As far as my knowledge external dongles are not supported except tata photon plus. May be rooting can help.
  3. sudhirrawal20

    sudhirrawal20 New Member

    sir as you say that tata photon plus , i have tata docomo photon+ dongle and when i attached it to my micromax funbook than it does not show and connect and as far as when i check apn settings than there is no apn settings shows everything is blanked there..... and when i connect my dongle to computer than it connects and gives me speed and fast working...........and my device is rooted by jetmod 5.0.1
  4. nfan

    nfan New Member

    it works only with tata photon plus as of now...I heard it can be routed so that others donglers can be used
  5. ramadasan7

    ramadasan7 New Member

    Immdtly on purchase of the funbook, I took it to Tata photon kiosk and test-connected the Tata photon+ usb dongle and it got connected with the internet in a jiffy. Only Tata Photon+ can automatically connect the funbook to the internet. This is a simless dongle.

    Also, there are no APN lists installed in the funbook. In fact, I want to connect my BSNL 3G dongle with the funbook. Or any other prepaid like airtel with the funbook. I tried my best to connect the BSNL dongle but have failed miserably. Ultimately I purchased a micromax pocket wireless router MMX400R which I am using as a wifi hotspot and using. Addditionally, I use the wired broadband with the funbook.

    At the same time, there is 3gdongle.cfg file which contains 2/3 huawei dongles but when I enquired at the shop they said no dongle other than Tata photon+ will work with funbook.

    As the funbook comes prerooted, what I feel is that if we are able to load some relevant driver files (like in Karbonn tablet) probably funbook will accept the other dongles. I am not a software geek and as such, if someone can give the guidance in this regard I will be obliged.
  6. anup690

    anup690 Member

  7. avibann

    avibann New Member


    I'm new to this forum, joined just couple of minutes back. I came here just to find out how many people are suffering with this USB dongle problem in Micromax Funbook.

    Now here I want to say something. Micromax Funbook does support any 3G dongle. Yes you read it right. It is due to marketing policy of Tata Photon, the rumour has spread out that no 3G/CDMA dongle will support in Funbook.

    I am a living proof of what I claim. I used a 3G USB dongle of Airtel (Huawei made) with Aircel sim in it today morning to test....and it worked! Works seamless and the speed was just wow in 3G.

    Before you come into any such conclusion that I unlocked it or something like that, then I must say I didn't touch a single thing to unlock. It happened automatically.

    But certain things I did figure out:

    1. Airtel Huawei dongle is an unlocked dongle easily available in market. You need an unlocked dongle with a mobile partner dashboard (that's mobile company software in it).

    2. I used Aircel sim into the dongle and the APN came automatically without any problem. I started surfing immediately. My SIM was 3G activated.

    I'll try to post pictures of my tab working with dongle as a proof, but maybe today not possible. But please spread the message as this is really happening. :)
  8. anup690

    anup690 Member

    as yours is Huawei u are able to connect it, as the funbook is preloaded with few huawei dongle drivers and supports similar models cos i believe tata photon is huawei make....
    wheras mine is a vodafone zte k3770z dongle which is not detected in funbook as its a zte make...
  9. avibann

    avibann New Member

    But it is really working with Huawei....that's what I figured out. Huawei E1721 or something was the dongle model. It was Airtel 3G dongle. But I put Aircel SIM in it and it worked excellent.
  10. sethu pavan

    sethu pavan New Member

    u can put any dongle by this method back up all data and go to factory backup in settings erase all data put dongle it will work
  11. OmPrakas

    OmPrakas New Member

    My problem is michromax chrome dongle is not working with its won Funbook-P300 Tab.I tried with the aircel 3g cim.I did not create an apn name in funbook.Is there any way to success.

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