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External keyboard (barcode scanner)

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  1. f_lombardo

    f_lombardo New Member

    Hi all.

    Is it possible in Android 4.0.4 to use both an external keyboard (in my case an external USB barcode scanner) and the onscreen one concurrently?

    Thanks a lot.



  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Welcome to the forums :D

    Hey Franco I have moved this thread into the Android Accessories forum as I thought it could be better answered here. Hope this helps :)
  3. Nexus5

    Nexus5 Active Member

    Android, like most computers, doesn't switch between it's input devices, listening to only one or the other.

    So you could touch the screen, or click with a mouse, at the same time.

    If you had a physical keyboard and an on-screen keyboard in use at the same time the ONLY limitation would be if the software 'hides' the on-screen keyboard upon reception of input from a 'keyboard device'.

    In fact in my testing with 4.2.1 it's too smart, and it isn't offering the on-screen keyboard at all now. *grumble* .. Now you made me notice and I have to go fix that! ;)

    UPDATE: Do not remove the keyboard via device exclusion in excluded-input-devices.xml .. This becomes tricky later on when you want to undo it and the general advice that it doesn't disable the device is WRONG.

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