External keyboard- does it need a widget to work?

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  1. woolyback

    woolyback Member

    I've just got a case with an external keypad for my 101it. When I plug the supplied usb lead in, there's no reaction from the keyboard. Do I need a widget downloading to work it, or should it plug and play?

  2. jhnelo

    jhnelo Well-Known Member

    Hey I got a keyboard embedded into a case and thatbwas just plug and play. Crashes a few times tho
  3. 2ndaccord

    2ndaccord Well-Known Member

    It should be plug and play. I have plugged in a couple of keyboards without issues. Try a different keyboard to see if that's the problem. I have heard that one of the past updates for the archos killed the USB port for a lot of people. Make sure your USB port is in working condition.

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