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External keyboard, mouse, and/or monitior ??Tips

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  1. Jaco1

    Jaco1 New Member

    Is it possible to connect any external keyboard, mouse, and/or monitior using USB, WiFi, or bluetooth to the Lepan TC970 ??

  2. yrolloc

    yrolloc New Member

    I managed to link a Targus bluetooth wireless keyboard to the Lepan TC970 using the BlueInput app.
  3. LePan Fan

    LePan Fan Member

    I would assume that just about any bluetooth keyboard would be able to be paired with the Le Pan
  4. alexAG76

    alexAG76 Member

    I got an iHome Bluetooth keyboard to work with my LePan TC 970.

    Start out by choosing a truly random 6-digit number -- a 10-sided die helps. Don't use "111111", a birthdate, another identification number, or anything someone could guess! If you write it down, you may want to destroy the number later. If you want to use the keyboard with other devices, you might tape it in small letters to the bottom of the keyboard itself, but be careful. You wouldn't want someone easily seeing your passwords as you type them on your Bluetooth keyboard! All they need is to be able to guess that 6-digit number!

    Turn on the tablet's Bluetooth option, then have it search for devices. Now, turn on the keyboard and press the Pairing button on it. When the tablet sees the keyboard, tap the option(s) to pair with it. It will prompt for a code. Enter the 6-digit number into the tablet and tap OK. Now, on the keyboard itself, very carefully type the same 6 numbers and press the Enter (or Return) key.

    I had to run through this 2-3 times, but it eventually works. For added security, you might be able to enter more than 6 digits.

    The iHome's cursor keys are laid out wrong -- up actually moves left, left moves down, down moves right, and right moves up. I think.

    Does anyone know of an app to remap the keyboard's buttons so that the cursor keys worked better? It would also be nice to remap some of the useless buttons (such as Eject) to perform Back, Menu, Home, and Search.
  5. david0430

    david0430 New Member

    I bought both a Le Pan TC970 and an iHome bluetooth keyboard a several months ago. I could never get the keyboard to work; I didn't know how to get past the query for a "pin". I followed these instructions and it worked perfectly the first time! You're a lifesaver!

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