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  1. kimert

    kimert Member

    It would be nice to be able to use the external sd card for apps on this phone, I read somewhere about linking a directory on the ext card to make it work... but I can't seem to find the article now. Has anyone made this work?


  2. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    Try downloading app2sd
  3. kimert

    kimert Member

    None of those work - there is an "sdcard" an "internal" and an "extsdcard" in the mnt directory . . . "sdcard" is just part of the internal memory, it doesn't recognize "extsdcard" as an sdcard - it also says the "sdcard" is virtual (which it is) and won't move apps to a virtual sdcard . . .
  4. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    How much phone memory do you have? I have an S3 and I think it has 16 GB of internal memory and I was told that Samsung does not recommend installing apps to the ext SD Card
  5. komputertua

    komputertua Active Member

    Victory just have 1.83 Gb internal memory.
  6. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    My S3 has 2 GB internal memory they don't recommend installing apps to sd card. Maybe you are in the same situation. Do you really need the room?
  7. connorb89

    connorb89 Active Member

    I'm having the same problem, I rooted my phone and I'm still haveing trouble moving apps.
    On my old HTC One i could move apps without rooting the device just by going to app info.
    I think it was the ROM style?
    But it would be great if I could transfer apps to my extssd, make life a bit easier.
  8. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    If you're rooted you can try link2sd.
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