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  1. niro0070

    niro0070 Active Member

    i recently bought a SD memory card to add a bit to my phone memory.
    now,the only option to use it that i could see was to go into settings>apps and to click an app and then "move to sd card" (from the phone memory).
    all was good until i tried to download chrome to my cell when the phone said "not enough storage space" which rose a couple of questions that i would be happy if u can answer me:

    1)can i define that downloaded apps will be downloaded directly to the external memory

    2) can i move pictures/movies there and how can i define that future pictures taken will be saved on the sd card

    the answers would really help me
    thank you all in advance

  2. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    It's not possible to change the default save location of apps.

    To move your existing pictures and videos to your sd use the my files app or any other file browser and create a folder for pictures and videos and then just copy them across. If you open up your camera it should recognise an sd card is inserted and ask if you want to change the save location. If you don't get promoted just press settings while in the camera and scroll down to storage and change from there.
  3. niro0070

    niro0070 Active Member

    thanks a lot!

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