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  1. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    I played with the display unit "again" today and tested the bug I found the last time I played with it; it is still there with 4.0.2. Anyway, I didn't play with the external speaker that much on my last visit. So today I did, and I felt like it was pretty weak; not that it will likely deter my purchase. But it was pretty weak with it maxed out. Comparing it to the store's Rezound, I felt the Rezound was about 20-30% louder. Comparing it to my Droid Incredible, my DI was about 40-50% louder. What do you guys think about it? Can it be boosted with a software update?

    Is it possible that we're simply seeing smaller speakers being placed in the phones these days, since phone real estate is at an all-time premium these days with more and more features?

  2. mrvirginia

    mrvirginia Well-Known Member

    no, it's just all GNex versions. a lot of users have been using Volume+. paid version is free on the developers site.
    we are hoping enough noise is made about this now that the VZW version is out so that Google will push an update out. it can certainly be increased a good bit.
  3. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    So what is this bug you speak of?
  4. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

  5. the block

    the block Active Member

    I've noticed mine seems low as well. Volume+ doesn't seem to do anything either.

    edit: I got it working.. didn't realize you needed to enable it in the sound settings.. this will due until/if they issue a fix.
  6. jikhead

    jikhead Well-Known Member

    Hey admins, can we start a sticky for issues now? And I've seen a few other threads that could be merged with this one.
  7. Droid Ninja

    Droid Ninja Well-Known Member

    I 100% agree

    The volume/speaker issue is a big deal for me. I noticed it within 10 minutes of owning the phone. I hope we can make enough noise so it gets to Samsung.
  8. bad1550

    bad1550 Well-Known Member

    The Razr and Resound volume was much louder than Nexus.

    Hope there will be a fix soon.
  9. geezman

    geezman Well-Known Member

    I have downloaded the Sound+ app, but I am unable to install it. The install screen comes up when I click on the file, but nothing happens when I click the install button. I can click cancel, but the install button is not functioning. Anyone else have this issue?
  10. woodstorm

    woodstorm Well-Known Member

    Same issue. Tried moving it to dat/apps still no dice. Will try fix permissions and let you know. I remember having this issue before and it had to do with where the app was placed prior to installing.
  11. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Well-Known Member

    Try a reset. I downloaded and installed with no problem. Works great!
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  12. geezman

    geezman Well-Known Member

    A reboot cleared the issue for me.
  13. RadOD

    RadOD Active Member

    +1 for the gnex external speaker being waaaayyyyy too quiet.

    Trying volume+ now. Thanks for the tip.
  14. woodstorm

    woodstorm Well-Known Member

    Got it to work. Thanks for the replies. Much better. Happy camper now.
  15. TurboShane

    TurboShane Member

    Anyone got a link for volume +. Thanks
  16. jmetzger16

    jmetzger16 Member

    volume+ is a great temp fix.....just enable it in the sound settings and you are good to go!
  17. ebe3692

    ebe3692 Well-Known Member

  18. tipopilota

    tipopilota Well-Known Member

    Ok, stupid question. What do you mean enable it in sound settings? When I go to settings-->sound I don't see anything there about Volume+. Am I missing something?
  19. bScanner

    bScanner New Member

    The volume thing is a big deal for me (and a lot of others). Go to the Samsung site and register your phone. Then use their "contact us" email tool and state your case. If each one of us that posted here posted to Samsung, you can bet there would be a fix. (Unless its a hardware problem.) I'm going to do something at Verizon too, if only some comments in a review. I tried contacting Google and their Galaxy Nexus page sends you to the Samsung site. This forum is great and very useful. But if you want results, go to the source. Don't be lazy. Do it!
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  20. Techno Tonis

    Techno Tonis Well-Known Member

    Holy shit, Volume + is awesome.

    Saved my relationship with this phone

    I find a +7 speaker and a +1 headset put it roughly on par with that of my D1...

    ...that being said I went ahead and put the headset amp at a +4 :D
  21. The droid x had a very low speaker at first and wasfixed via software update so im sure this is the same.
  22. kcs7272

    kcs7272 Well-Known Member

    Go into your settings. Go to music effects I think it is under sounds. Click music effects and then click volume+. Then go into volume+ in your app drawer and set your levels

    I get a sound fx has stopped working message sometimes. No big deal just dismiss it.
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  23. sranger

    sranger Well-Known Member

    This phone has a horrible external (rear) speaker. My old D1 had a great speaker, but it is nearly impossible to understand people on this one....
  24. Dex

    Dex Well-Known Member

    I agree with everyone else here. The external speaker blows.

    I picked up Volume+ from the link here. It has done wonders. I can now at least HEAR my phone when I get a call or notification. I did have to set it up, but now that everything is a go, I am pleased.

    This isn't perfect, but it is a work around that has had some success. I, too, hope that this is fixed in a future update.
  25. mistermojorizi

    mistermojorizi Well-Known Member

    can volume + fix the low sound volume on speakerphone? I have it and it helped with ringtone volume and music/video but the speakerphone is still quiet

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