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  1. leewoodford

    leewoodford Active Member


    I'm going away and I was hoping that someone could recommend some decent external speakers.

    Obviously the jack is not standard so do I need to specific speakers for the X10 mini?


  2. darren187

    darren187 Member

    note the bold! ;) ... the headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, trust me!
  3. leewoodford

    leewoodford Active Member

    I want to trust you but I tried pugging my standard 3.5mm BlackBerry headphones in and they don;t work :(
    The jack has an extra bit on that is used by my headphones that came with my X10 mini
  4. darren187

    darren187 Member


    That's annoying. I know a standard 3.5mm jack fits mine (even though there's a small recess by the jack input) as I use my Technics DJ headphones with my phone. I just plug in and listen. (see pics below)

    I don't have the original X10 headphones myself, but assume the extra bit on the side is for the control on the headphones.

    I'm not familiar with Blackberry headphones, so cannot comment on why they don't fit.


  5. darren187

    darren187 Member

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  6. darren187

    darren187 Member

    another thought also, maybe the Blackberry headphones are not compatible? I have come across this before with PC headsets.

    but as you can see the jack certainly fits.
  7. leewoodford

    leewoodford Active Member


    And thanks for the input.. no pun intended ;)

    I think it may be to do with the blackberry headphones as they have their own controls ie Play, Pause, Volume. They fit fine (3.5mm) but just don't work

    I suppose what I want to try and avoid is if I purchase some external speakers with a standard 3.5mm jack and they don't work like the blackberry headphones. It's just a pain and cost to have to send back if they don't.

    In an ideal world somebody would be able to recommend some external speakers that they have actually working with the x10 mini :)

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