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ExternalStorage App Code Issue

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  1. osirusrising

    osirusrising Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 22, 2010
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    Ok so here is the deal. I have developed some apps in the past with the SDK and the Eclipse tools from the help of YouTube and tutorials in past, however right now i'm having a tough time with the
    External Storage API code listed here :

    ExternalStorage.java | Android Developers
    The goal i'm working for right now with my new app is to bundle 2 folders and a set of files, so that when the APK is installed on the end user's phone , it writes them to the SD card and copies the folders and files under that root folder. However , I understand the code portion of it mostly, i'm having issues trying to find where in the code if you look it's pulling the files from, Do you put the files you want to be inferred or installed in the RES folder or in the ASSETS folder or .??? Anyone who can help it would be greatly appreicated.


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