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  1. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

    Thought I'd throw in what I found regarding batteries... I use the thing a lot, and it seems running WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth will give you 1/2 a days usage (your mileage will vary).

    Searching bb00100 (the battery part number) gets almost nothing - but there was a reference to that battery being used in the Eris.

    Looks the same - same voltage - we'll see when I get it... Ebay droid eris battery.

    You can get 2 extra batteries, and an external charger specific to the battery - so you can charge one while you run your phone...

    Cost is around $15 delivered. Downside is it's gonna come from China - so you get to wait a couple weeks. Kinda a must have add-on.... There are several vendors selling them...

  2. jimczyz

    jimczyz Well-Known Member

    You gotta be careful with cellphone batteries from China, you usually get what you pay for there. I lost a Moto Razr using a cheap battery from China, it overheated and fried my phone.
  3. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

    Got the batteries and charger this weekend - works perfectly - I now have two backup batteries and a very nice charger - works perfectly and recommended.
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  4. smakmauz

    smakmauz Member

    So its the same battery as the Eris??
  5. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

    Yes - same battery. This opens up the accessory side.

    I see no difference operationally with the new battery compared with the HTC stock battery.

    For me it's a must - as I run through battery quickly (WiFi, Bluetooth etc).

    For long flights it'll also be nice :) Three batteries - woo-hoo!
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  6. rrolff

    rrolff Active Member

  7. smakmauz

    smakmauz Member

    nice!! thanks!!
  8. ookoshi

    ookoshi New Member

    Just wanted to say that I have the same setup, 2 extra battery and an external battery charger, and I rotate through the 3 batteries. It's nice never having to plug my phone.

    However, before people do this, realize that you're going to have to replace your back cover every 6 months or so (you can get a new one for like $20 on ebay). The cover isn't really designed to be removed on a daily basis, and the little plastic tabs that hold the cover on will break over time.
  9. cw54o

    cw54o Well-Known Member

    @rrolff i got the same batteries from china about 3weeks after i got my slide on launch. mine came with 3 extra batteries (eris batteries) a wall charger thing, idk the actual name but u stick the battery in the back and plug it in the socket? lol its about 3/4 inches tall.. . . i also got like 3screen protectors, a usb cable, a gps dock, car charger and something else cant remember off top (11items total) for 13bucks. since june i havent had one issue with any of these batteries. they fit just fine in my slide. and for the price i paid u cant beat that IMO

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