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  1. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    Where can I find an extra battery for the Samsung Reverb? I just bought the phone and I'd like a couple of extra batteries to have on hand.

    I've searched Samsung Reverb battery online, but am not pulling anything up. Is there a compatible battery?

    Thank you for any suggestions! :p

  2. Rob22445566

    Rob22445566 Well-Known Member

    YES! I too am surprised to find that spare batteries for sale are non-existent.

    Not even from Samsung!

    I have noticed that the Galaxy Ace 2 battery has very similar size and the same rating (1700mha) as the Galaxy Reverb. Just might try buying a cheap one and see if it works.

    If anyone has info please post.
  3. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    That's what I ended up buying. I got 2 and a charger for $19.99 on Amazon. We'll see if they fit. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  4. Rob22445566

    Rob22445566 Well-Known Member

    Well... very anxious to hear if a Galaxy Ace 2 battery will work.
    Please keep us posted.
  5. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    Grrrr... It doesn't fit. =(
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  6. prrep

    prrep Well-Known Member

    Hi there,I'm so disappointed that the batteries did not fit,I was realy hoping that they would.I got this phone for the wife to replace her optimus v, but I'm thinking of sending it back now.

    P.S. Just got off the phone with a samsung rep. Who also checked & couldn't find any replacement batteries on their system.She told me she was going to escalate my inquiry.
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  7. saxrulez

    saxrulez Active Member

    This is not for everyone, but my wife and I have one and it is VERY useful. Get ~2 charges out of the smallest one that I'm linking.
    Amazon.com: Anker
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  8. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    I may try that! Thanks Saxrulez!

    Also Prrep if you hear from Samsung, please update us.
  9. saxrulez

    saxrulez Active Member

    It has great reviews for a good reason! It charges the phone just as quickly as being plugged into the wall. It has a tiny cord that is stowed inside that you pull out to connect to your phone and it can charge while in your pocket.

    It's also nice because I don't need a new one every time I upgrade phones!
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  10. Rob22445566

    Rob22445566 Well-Known Member

    Sorry but those plug-in charger packs just annoy the heck out of me.
    I think that's a terrible solution. I've always had spare bats for my phones.

    And to that end, after searching and searching... I DID find a website selling batteries for our phones.

    However, I'm not sure if I trust them enough to order one.
    While they state they are "compatible". They are listed with a much lower power rating.

    Official Samsung Galaxy Reverb battery: 3.8v / 1700mAh
    Batterybay compatible battery: 3.7v / 1250mAh

    So I wrote to them and asked:
    I'm interested in buying a battery for my Samsung Galaxy Reverb and I see that you have one for sale here:
    Battery for Samsung SPH-M950, Galaxy Reverb, SPH-M950DAAVMU

    My question is this.

    The official Samsung website for this phone states that the battery inside the phone is "3.8 Volt, Lithium Ion, 1700mAh".

    Why is your battery stated as being "3.7Volt, 1250mAh"? This is clearly about 2/3 the capacity.

    Thank you,
    Here's the response I got today:
    "[FONT=微軟正黑體]Yes, we have this item for sale. You can make the order on our website and we will send it once payment is cleared. Thanks and hope to hear from you again soon.[/FONT]"
    Typical shyster response- Just ignore the main questions entirely.
    But... even still, if it works I'll take one of these over a plug-in pack any day.

    OH... one final detail to consider before purchase... they're in Honk Kong.
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  11. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    I guess at least it would be a spare battery to have. Eventually they have to come out with something for our phones that has full capacity.
  12. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    What does it mean if the battery is 3.7Volt, 1250mAh instead of 3.8 Volt, Lithium Ion, 1700mAh?

    How does that effect the phone?
  13. saxrulez

    saxrulez Active Member

    I know the Anker battery packs aren't for everyone, but it sure is nice to have something with multiple charges smaller than the size of the phone.

    I do understand the want/need for an actual battery though, I'm sure we will see them start popping up soon.
  14. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    I like the advantage of those battery packs.
    not having to tear apart the hard cases to replace batteries and the pack working on multiple phones is a plus.
    there certainly cheap enough.
    Thanks for link Saxrulez.
  15. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    The voltage is the same for all Li-Ion batteries, rounding error causes it to be listed as 3.7 or 3.8 volts, the difference in mAh between the two batteries would cause the aftermarket one to last only about 2/3 as long as the original.
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  16. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    Oh, ok. I think I may go ahead and order one. Just to have a spare.
  17. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    Just read their selling reviews. I may wait. They didn't have very good costumer reviews.
  18. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

    I ordered the Battery Pack off amazon. It's probably the best option for now.

    Please anyone let me know if ya'll hear extra batteries are available.
  19. bethkay

    bethkay Active Member

  20. meta6

    meta6 Member

    I found out my cheapy sammy gusto prepaid phone has the
    same battery connector on the battery and is compatible & when
    taped into place turns on the phone but doesn't charge it with
    charge plug connected.

    Which means some of the other Java based touchscreen
    phones from samsung may have the same battery or
    possibly the galaxy media players.
  21. Rob22445566

    Rob22445566 Well-Known Member

    Hello All,
    In regards to SPARE BATTERIES for our Samsung Galaxy Reverb--

    Just wanted to report that I purchased a combo deal on Ebay.
    2 x 1900mah batteries designed to fit the Reverb and..
    1 x Wall / USB battery charger
    For $13.29 + free shipping.
    New 2X 1900mAh Battery USB Charger for Samsung Galaxy Reverb M950 SPH M950 | eBay

    The seller ( menghao2011 ) is in Hong Kong and surprisingly the package arrived to (Los Angeles, Ca) in 8 days! Also note, the standard battery is rated at 1700mah but these two are 1900mah. If the rating on these are indeed as stated then they should last an hour or two longer then the standard... but we'll see.

    In any case, the batteries are on charge now and I will report back in a few days about how they are holding up. With my normal amount of use, my standard battery usually last from about 7am to 11pm (16hours) with around 25-30% remaining.

  22. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads up.
    That's a really good deal.
    Keep us informed.
  23. Rob22445566

    Rob22445566 Well-Known Member

    Hello All,
    I'm reporting back my initial findings in regards to the Ebay combo battery deal.
    Ebay combo deal .
    2 x 1900mah batteries designed to fit the Reverb and..
    1 x Wall / USB battery charger
    For $13.29 + free shipping.
    [​IMG]New 2X 1900mAh Battery USB Charger for Samsung Galaxy Reverb M950 SPH M950 | eBay
    Well, it would seem the old adage is correct. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.

    Clearly these batteries are counterfeit junk. They barely last half as a long as the regular battery. There is no way these are 1900mah, not even close.

    After being charged all night, in the phone, using the official Samsung charger then unplugging from the charger for 1hr-- WITH NO USE OF THE PHONE WHATSOEVER- the battery drops to 83%!!!!
    After 5hrs 40mins (and some light use) 36%!!! Ugg!!

    So be warned...

    I'm contacting the vendor... and I'll be back with their response.
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  24. kzrdrnc

    kzrdrnc Well-Known Member

    Thanks Rob for the feedback.
    Good luck getting ahold the guy.
    just went through this with my sons Chinablet.
    Well at least ya got a backup charger.
  25. Rob22445566

    Rob22445566 Well-Known Member

    Ebay combo 1900mAh Battery update!

    Surprisingly, I did hear back from the vendor. Clearly English is not his first language. His response:
    "oh,sorry, buy batteries must be used repeatedly five can really fully charged, please use a few times, if that does not work I will be re-sent to you, thank you

    - menghao2011

    If I'm interpreting him correctly, I think he means that I should cycle it through 5 full charge and discharge cycles and if it doesn't improve he will send me new batteries.

    Well, surprisingly it is getting a bit better. Today(3rd charge cycle) after 1hr off the charger(with no use) it only dropped to 90% whereas yesterday it was at 83%.

    So I'll give it a week and report back.

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