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  1. bleufox99

    bleufox99 Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to open or extract the flash images for editing?

  2. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

    Not the images for the Behold 2. They are in a proprietary file system format made by Samsung called RFS (Robust File System) which only their tools can edit. These tools are only available to industry specialists under contract.

    If you are aiming to create you own ROM flash image you can follow the instructions here:

  3. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    You can actually extract the System images.

    If you open up the PDA file with Winrar, you can extract the system file, which contains your /system. From there you can use unyaffs to extract it to your computer/phone. You can download a compiled windows version unyaffs from this site: Android programming
    That will allow you to extract. I was working on this while trying to figure out some things on the original method to get the Galaxy 1.5 firmware working.

    However, I am uncertain how to then recompile it back to a compatible system file. However I would assume that you could use the Yaffs tool to recompile though I am uncertain as I have not tried to recompile a system img.

    I do agree with NU that it would probably be easier to file his method into compiling a flashable image though.

    EDIT: I take that all back does not work with the new system from BH_Man... Sorry guys incorrect!
  4. Nu11u5

    Nu11u5 Well-Known Member Developer

    Using unyaffs works with the Galaxy images because that phone uses the YAFFS2 file system.

    If you try to flash one of these with Odin to the Behold 2 it will not boot because it does not know how to use YAFFS2 - it doesn't have to - just RFS.

    BH_Man's older ROMs used unyaffs because they were already packaged that way - but it had to be extracted so the phone could use the files.

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