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Extremely high data usage on Facebook etc.

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  1. danunite

    danunite Member

    Hi there guys,

    did a search for some answers but came up blank on this particular issue.
    I've just recently got the Galaxy S III, and it seems to be using an extremely high amount of data on some apps, mainly Facebook, Instagram, and also Dolphin Browser.

    Previously with my last phones, Iphone 4 and HTC HD7, I would proably use maximum of about half my data allowance, approximately 750MB per month. However, in the week and a half since I got the phone, ive somehow managed to chew through about 3-400MB.

    Checking data usage on the handset, facebook used about 22MB today from only refreshing the news feed a few times, refresh interval is set to never, and upon checking this is all foreground data.
    The same story with Instagram, using about 20MB when i only opened it a few times toda, and all foreground data.

    Facebook has never taken up this amount of data on my previous phones, so im looking for any ideas as to what could be causing this extremly high usage.

    Grateful for any help!


  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Has it already finished syncing the contacts? Facebook's default settings sets it to sync with your contacts, providing profile pics and status updates in the contact details.
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    You might want to install this application _ It gives you control over your data usages. http://cuet.qr.ai.
  4. danunite

    danunite Member

    It's set to not sync contacts, so that's not the issue, and it just seems that it's using excessive data when I'm actually using the app, and eg refreshing news feed, and reading posts.
    I don't really want to control the data usage, as I can do that by logging on, and just wondering if anyone had experienced this before, or knew what could be causing th. Excessive usage.
  5. danunite

    danunite Member

    Sorry I can do that by not logging on*
  6. imthelastsplas

    imthelastsplas New Member

    hi danuite, did you manage to solve the issue? i've found the exact same problem with mine - 10mb per day on one or two facebook notification checks (not even scrolling through my newsfeed), which works out as half my monthly usage allowance. given i used around 200mb per month on my iphone, i felt 750mb android would be sufficient... erm.... not at this rate.

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