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  1. UserUserUser

    UserUserUser Member

    What is this blinking picture of an eye that shows up when I read my email?

    Is someone spying on me?



  2. SiempreTuna

    SiempreTuna Well-Known Member


    I guess it's something to do with the S4's eye-tracking software that is supposed to 'automatically' scroll as you read. My missus had a demo and claims this only works if you move your entire head, but she's an Apple-ite so is somewhat biased :rolleyes:
  3. UserUserUser

    UserUserUser Member

    I think you're right, I thought of that about two minutes after I posted this, and when I disabled smart scroll, it stopped.

    Also, please explain to the missus that Android is the best thing out there.

    We can't have misconceptions about it floating around. :)
  4. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    No, it's the NSA.

    The little icon means PRISM has been activated and they are watching your every move.
  5. Gomjaba

    Gomjaba Well-Known Member

    You should post that over at macrumors.com - that'll get them fired up :)
  6. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    The eye icon appears in blue to tell you that the Smart Scroll function is enabled and the system is attempting to "track" with your face to begin smart scroll.

    Once the system lines up with your face and is ready to work, the icon will turn green and the eye will have "eyelashes" to let you know its active.

    Then you lower or raise your head to scroll through the email.
  7. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    Too bad the eye tracking gimmick thing doesn't work w/ non-stock apps, like Dolphin and Firefox browsers, etc. :(
  8. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Smart Scroll is a fair bit gimmicky. I can get it to work with just my eyes only holding the phone at eye level and in good light, but who holds their phone like that? It does also track the nodding of my head - I look like I'm agreeing a lot on a video call!

    Toggle it on and off from notification drawer>extra toggles (top right corner) and the Smart Scroll toggle.
  9. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

    Its eye scroll you can turn it off if you want in settings.
  10. trucky

    trucky Well-Known Member

    SmartScroll actually works very well... too well for me. I tend to speed read and scan pages and it would track my eye movements and flip the pages up and down. I'm sure you could train yourself and get used to it but it's still pretty cool.
  11. beowulf7

    beowulf7 Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's so much the eyes that it tracks (even though it's called eye tracking) so much the face itself. I have to move my head up/down, not just my eyes, to have the screen scroll correspondingly.

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