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  1. KrazyBob14

    KrazyBob14 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Im new here and looking for some help. My facebook albums are not showing in gallery but when I change view to "All" the facebook images are there.

    When I go into "Contents to display" facebook is greyed out.

    Iv tried removing and re-adding the account.

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Spongebob290

    Spongebob290 Member

    you seem to have the exact oppisite problem I did. I have thousands of Facebook pictures and I couldnt stop them showing in Gallery...until I deslected show all in Gallery settings. It will likely be a Sync issue..if you go into Facebook settings you can click sync photos. You might also try going into sync settings on your fone under accounts where you can select what and what not to sync....if you click the "master Sync" button...beware as every photo you have on every account will sync to your phone. I have a hidden Blog in Google Plus...and even the content of that showed on my phone...and you cant delete them..or if you do clear the cache / data..they come back LOL
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  3. KrazyBob14

    KrazyBob14 New Member

    Yeah iv tried going through setting and through gallery. The pics appear to be on the phone as when I click "All" thry are all there but when I change the view back to "albums" they don't show.

    I did get an error a couple times saying sync is currently unavailable. Im debating doing a master reset then restoring the phone but Im always worried something wont backup properly lol
  4. Spongebob290

    Spongebob290 Member

    there you go then..albums just shows whats on your fone..where as show all displays your cloud albums...dropbox...Picasa..Facebook etc. If you enable the show all they will gradually all download...and if you go into Gallery and select them..you get the option to download them permanently...Syncing is an Android headache to be honest
  5. KrazyBob14

    KrazyBob14 New Member

    Ah maybe I didnt explain that right. I have selected to option to display all when its when I choose to sort them as albums, date, all etc. The fb will show when I choose all but when I sort to albums theyr gone
  6. Spongebob290

    Spongebob290 Member

    hmmm i just tried that and mine show... have you waited for them to download?
  7. Spongebob290

    Spongebob290 Member

    If the facebook is greyed out you might need to go into facebook app and tick sync first.
    To be honest i dont want to have any any cloud pics like dropbox or even facebook..but i cannot prevent them downloading. I can hide them but they are still there...just not shown...even tho all sync boxes are not ticked grrrrrrrrrr
  8. spgold

    spgold New Member

    Go to your gallery. Go to settings. Add Account (top right icon). Add Facebook account and make sure to synch photos. Not Greyed out anymore. It does take a while to synch

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