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  1. piedrafina

    piedrafina Member

    hi all, i am new to android, having had a blackberry up until about a week ago. so far i like it more than the blackberry i gave up, but i still have a few questions. they may be silly, so i apologize in advance.

    i am currently using a samsung galaxy and when i get a facebook notification or an instant message, they show up in the notification bar, but there is no sound alert. in the case of messenger, the phone does at least vibrate, but i am really looking for audio notification, preferably different ones for different apps.

    i have already accepted the fact that i can't sync to outlook like i did with my blackberry without paying for a third party app and that there is no led notification, so i am hoping there is a way around this one, even if it involves downloading an app. i found an app that serves for the missed call reminder, so i would be ok with that.

  2. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    You can USB sync to Outlook using Samsung Kies for free. It usually comes in a CD with the box, or you can download it free from the Samsung website. I however prefer cloud sync to Outlook (Outlook-Google-Phone). Kies syncs Contacts, Calendar, Tasks (for SGS2), Notes. Keep in mind that if you sync using Kies, you can't sync to Google as well, so you either sync through Kies ONLY, or sync to Google and have Google sync to Outlook.

    There is an app in the market called NoLed (I think), for those with no LED if they want a similar notification. I think it uses the screen to blink.

    For the sound alert, I would assume you have the notification volume up? Facebook and Messenger has their own notification menu. Open the app, click on your phone's menu button>settings>notifications.
  3. piedrafina

    piedrafina Member

    thanks for the reply! i got the facebook audio notification to work. i knew it was something simple! i was so used to all the audio notification options being in the same place with the blackberry that i didn't even think to look in the settings for the app.

    i did try noled, but i didn't like it. maybe i need to give it another try. i did find an app called missed call reminder that flashes the screen, vibrates and gives an audio alert for missed calls and texts. is there an app out there that will do the same for third party apps like facebook or words with friends?

    from what i've seen, android doesn't do badges to let you know how many notifications you have for each app, but is there something else i can do to keep track?
  4. piedrafina

    piedrafina Member

    ok, i did a little looking around in my words with friends app and my messenger app. both had settings for audio notification that were set to on, but neither is doing it. am i missing something?

    as for the syncing issue, i have kind of adjusted to syncing to my google account and i found a free program that syncs my contacts and calendar to outlook, so i am ok for the most part. i would really like to have it sync notes and tasks back to outlook as well, but for now i am just using apps on the phone that sync to google. i really don't want to pay for a third party app to sync back to outlook. i inherited this phone from my teenage stepson, so i have no box, no cd, no book. just the phone. i wondered what kies was, and now that i know i am all the more satisfied with my phone to google to outlook syncing situation. the email i use on outlook is not my gmail and i like the idea of having everything backed up online. i had that with my bb, but it was backed up to the bb site. backing up to google is much more universal.
  5. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Kies is more like a poor man's version of iTunes for Samsung. Its more as a sync utility and an update program rather than a media organizer (which it can also do but not to my liking very much).

    The lack of notification could be simply due to polling times for the app? I noticed that the Messenger app lags by about 3min upon receiving the message. Ebuddy works faster, but I think Messenger uses less battery.

    For the badges thing, you need to be using a different launcher with "notification extensions", or install an app that monitors notifications. The most common app for notification badges (red balloons with a number on them at the upper right corner of the app icon) is Go Launcher + Go Notifications, or the ADW version of those.
  6. piedrafina

    piedrafina Member

    Thanks so much for the info. I gave go launcher a try and noled another try as well.

    My other question about notifications is if you can set a different audio notification for email and text messages.
  7. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Depends on what app you are using for email or sms, but yes you can. In SMS its in the menu>settings>notifications area, while for email, you can change it per account through the same menu as the sms.
  8. piedrafina

    piedrafina Member

    i keep forgetting to look in the settings for each app. that is where it was. thanks!

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