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  1. trilandun

    trilandun New Member

    Is anyone else having issues posting status updates on their Facebook or Twitter using the stock apps?

    When I try to do either one I get this error "unable to post update please try again later"

    It worked yesterday and I didn't change anything... :confused:

  2. macprv

    macprv Well-Known Member

    i am.. provably server issues:confused:
  3. dhevans

    dhevans Well-Known Member

    Yep - people over on google and fb complaining - I can't comment on other people's statuses.

    Apparently it's happened before (I've only been on Android for a month or two) and hopefully will sort itself out.

    Recycling phone/ logging in and out/being on wifi nor cell appear to help.

    Point yourself at the mobile facebook page in your browser til it sorts itself..

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