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  1. schr9091

    schr9091 Well-Known Member

    I've noticed my Facebook app keeps saying can't connect to network this is also happening on my PC too I'm on wifi anyone else having Facebook connection problems

  2. Rarewolf

    Rarewolf Well-Known Member

    I use the website. The app just sucks.
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  3. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    Yup the app just blows on any phone I've used.
  4. InuYasha

    InuYasha Active Member


    This was posted before the new app was updated in the new HTML5 code making it much faster and loading times much more significant. The Facebook app coders were FORCED to use the Android version for a day and they said it sucked compared to the iOS version so they fixed it and now both versions are the same and both fast!

    Same with Facebook Messanger

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