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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by netmag, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. netmag

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    Apr 15, 2010
    I'm able to connect to my wife's facebook via mobile.facebook website but couldn't connect to it through either the Android for Facebook or Facebook for HTC Sense applications. Th

    The error message from the HTC Sense Facebook app is:
    The service is currently unavailable. Do you want to try again.

    The error message from the Facebook for Android app was something like:
    There was a problem during login. Try again later.

    logging in via wifi, 3G, 4G - all signals here are strong
    clearing cache from both apps and also shutting them down between switching some of options to make sure of fresh attempts.
    My wife has an Evo too (actually it's her account). Tried it on both our phones with same result
    updated PRL, took the ota update - still no successful login before or after
    changed password on facebook account

    Then Success for one of the Apps:
    I got success for one of the apps by going into the Android Market place and downloading the most current version of Facebook for Android. After that I was able to login using that particular app.

    However, of course, my wife wants to try the Friend Stream and HTC Sense stuff. And that is still giving the "The service is currently unavailable. Do you want to try again" error. We added another email login to her facebook account because her original email had some dashes in it so I thought perhaps it was choking on the special character. Her other email is more straightforward. Still no luck with the HTC app though.

    Also, We know of someone else who just got an Evo and he says he's been streaming using the HTC Sense widget/App just fine. He's in the city and we're in the burbs though.

    Any ideas as to what this might be? From looking it up on the net, when most people who got that message from the HTC app, it ended up with it just somehow magically working at some point later? Anyone know how that app works in terms of what it's referring to when it says "service is unavailable"? Is that referring to a service on the phone or perhaps some service on facebook's/HTC's/or Sprint's end?

    Odd that I was able to get the Facebook for Android app going by just updating the software. That made me think that maybe the newer app tweaked something that the HTC App isn't tweaked for. I don't think there's any updates for the HTC widgets though, right? Aren't they built into the OS? Since it's working for other people, then I wonder if it might be a setting in her facebook account.

    Anyone have any ideas?

  2. netmag

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    Apr 15, 2010
    Ok, I got this one figured out.

    With all the Facebook privacy changes, my wife went on a spree of checking and changing settings the other week. During that she turned off all platform applications as she had decided to stop playing the online games and such. That setting wasn't allowing the HTC Sense Facebook app to sync up with Facebook. Apparently the most recent version of "Facebook for Android" must be able to sync up even if you have the platform applications turned off.

    Anyway, after turning the platform applications capability back on, it connected right away.

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