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facebook app won't load on le pan tc970General

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  1. linndany

    linndany New Member

    I have a le pan tc970 and the android facebook app won't load nor will it load through any of the browsers that I've tried, on the android app it says "connection lost" even though I am clearly still online cause I can still surf the web, and on the different browsers that I've tried it says " web page can not be viewed" I've tried everything as far as clearing cache, factory reset, removing app and redownloading the app, I've even contacted le pan support and I still can't get it to work. Has anyone else had this problem? If so please let me know if and how I can fix it? Thanks.

  2. karen333

    karen333 New Member

    Hi I'm having the same problem were you able to fix it? the customer service is being absolutely no help at all
  3. amystie

    amystie Member

    I just did it and it work. You have to pass by Google play

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