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  1. bsly

    bsly Member

    Has anybody been able to get the audible notification settings for the facebook app to work on the Eris? I have the notification settings turned on and the data syncs enabled but I never receive any audible notifications when people comment or post to my facebook wall, etc.

    Ive searched around online and found some comments and posts with vague indications that this is a common problem, but I have not been able to locate a specific thread dedicated to the topic of the Facebook Notifications problem.

    My wife has a Blueberry (thats what I call it, lol) and every time someone leaves a facebook comment or posts to her facebook wall her phone gives an audible notification. Id really like to have this feature working on my Eris.

  2. bsly

    bsly Member

    Not too many other facebook users on this forum?

    Since nobody has responded to this post, I assume the lack of facebook notifications is a deficiency of the android facebook apps themselves and not user error on my part.

    I did notice that I get an audible notification for friend requests on facebook, but I would much rather know when someone comments on something, posts to my wall, etc.

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