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Facebook birthdays are wrongSupport

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  1. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    I have many of my contacts linked to Facebook profiles. Sense then sync'd all of their birthdays from facebook. However, when I go into my contacts (people), and look under the Information tab, it shows the birthday as the day before what facebook shows it as (even though there is a little facebook icon in the corner next to the birthday showing where it got its information from.

    When i go into Facebook, their birthday shows as a different day. For example, today (5/7) is my nephew's birthday but when I called him yesterday, it showed that yesterday (5/6) was his birthday and today it says nothing. In the information tab on his contact card, it says May 6 (from FB) but when I go into FB and look him up, it.says May 7. How can my DINC2 GET the info from FB and get it a day wrong?

    Another example, my wife was born on May 4 and it shows up correctly in Facebook (both on PC and phone) but her birthday displayed as "Today" on May 3 on her contact card but her FB correctly shows it as 5/4. On the days leading up to my wife's birthday, when I would call and HTC Sense would display her Facebook photo, it would have an overlay at the top saying XX more days til Birthday (paraphrased). Due to my dependence on my phone I woke up and saw it was her birthday and wished her a happy BD a day early! I've gotta fix this before next year!!

    I've seen other threads for other phones but no fixes. One thread suggested unlinking and relinking contacts. I tried that on a contact and it didn't help.

    Anyone else seeing this? Better yet, anyone else know of a fix!?

  2. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    I've hard reset my phone. No change.

    Is anyone else seeing this? If not - what version of FB are you using? I'm using FB for Sense that came with the phone and was setup at the initial startup of the phone.
  3. shanesype

    shanesype New Member

    I also have this issues, I have the HTC Incredible S, Ill try and figure is out and post back if i find anything, hopefully one of us can figure this out
  4. shanesype

    shanesype New Member

    also are you having an issue with text messages when recieving they are being timestamped about 3 hours earlier and put at the top of a conversation
  5. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    In playing around with the phone, I went into my nephew's contact and looked to his linked accounts. He had one google, one facebook, and one facebook for sense. I unlinked them one at a time and his 'day early' birthday was linked to the FB fot HTC Sense account. I confirmed this with a few other contacts.

    I removed the link with each for FB for Sense and put in the correct BD. I think though, unlinking to FB for Sense will remove syncing their contact photo with FB. Not 100% sure about that though. It may also sync w/regular FB.

    I had a Thunderbolt at one time and when syncing with standard FB, the contact photos were low resolution and grainy. I had to switch to FB for HTC Sense to fix that issue.

    I may just remove the HTC Sense version and go with the full version. Then I will see what problems that leads to!
  6. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    I have seen reports of this but am not experiencing this at the moment.
  7. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    Going with the standard Facebook gets grainy pics (like w the Thunderbolt). I'd rather have the erroneous birthdays!

    Hopefully there will be a fix.
  8. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    Just a question...could this be related to time zones in some convoluted way?
  9. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Well-Known Member

    I've been thinking about that. I've spent the last 20 mins looking for a setting in either desktop or mobile versions in Facebook but cannot seem to find a time zone setting.

    Do you have this issue too?
  10. BoBiGi

    BoBiGi Well-Known Member

    I do. I have also been attempting to find a setting/solution without a lot of luck. I am wondering if Facebook and/or google is in different locations geographically and reading different timezones to the phone's actual location...see? The more I think about it the more confused it gets :) There is probably a very simple solution...
  11. xc600sp

    xc600sp New Member

    I'm also seeing the birthdate being incorrect when looking at the contacts, but, I also use the sense version of the calender on one of my home screens and on the calender the birthdays show up correctly. Have not had the time stamp off on the messaging, but I'm using Handcent.
  12. PresWiggum

    PresWiggum New Member

    I am running on the Incredible S and the facebook events and birthdays appear wrong on my calender as well as in contacts. When i go into the facebook app it shows the right birth date. It is kind of annoying! I hope there is a fix for this!
  13. PresWiggum

    PresWiggum New Member

    actually its only the birthdays for me :S please help!
  14. mwarez

    mwarez Member

    I have the same problem on my EVO 3D...birthdays from facebook are coming over one day early.....any known fix?
  15. PresWiggum

    PresWiggum New Member

    iv narrowed it down to be a problem with htc sense and ive tried emailing htc to get an answer but they refuse to believe its a problem with their program. if you find a fix please post!
  16. pookela5

    pookela5 New Member

    Same problem on my evo3d and it's driving me NUTS!!! The issue is definitely with FB for Sense and i wish someone would fix it! :eek:
  17. xc600sp

    xc600sp New Member

    Either the latest update from Verizon, or all the monkey business Facebook has been up to seems to have fixed the date problem. All mine are now correct. :)
  18. mflanery

    mflanery New Member

    In an effort to speed up my phone, I froze a lot of programs i don't use, including Facebook for HTC Sense (I prefer the app from Facebook for things like uploading pics). I noticed recently that people's statuses got outdated in contacts and their birthdays stopped showing up in my calendar. I still use the Facebook for Android app primarily, but reenabled the Facebook for HTC Sense app and set it back up to sync again. Now everything is working correctly again.

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