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Facebook can't connect?Support

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  1. besiderself

    besiderself Member

    I can't find this as a known problem. The Verizon people said it was a Facebook problem...which is fine--if Facebook doesn't like the Ultra, I'll take it back and get a phone FB DOES like.

    All I get is "can't connect, tap to retry". No matter if I'm on wifi or data. It was working fine out of the box, then the next morning I started getting this message, and haven't been able to connect again. My PC connects to FB fine, and my facebook works normally there.

    Any help?



  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    I have a Droid Maxx, which is the same phone (just with a bigger battery), and I use the Facebook app daily. It works fine on our phones. No need to return the phone for that reason. ;)

    You can try one of two things:

    - from home, settings / apps. Find the Facebook app in the Downloaded list. Tap it and tap "clear data". Go into Facebook - it should ask you to log in again - and see if it's now working.

    - maybe easier - uninstall and reinstall the Facebook app from the Play Store. Again, it should ask you to log in again. See if that helps.

    Let us know if one of those ideas worked for you.
  3. kalagill1989

    kalagill1989 New Member

    My phone is doing the same thing. I tried both of these options and it didn't work. Any other ideas
  4. Kris Rifkin

    Kris Rifkin New Member

    My Facebook was working fine last night...I get up this morning and it won't load any newsfeed or threads. I tried to connect via data, then our Wi-fi. I cleared the caches, Uninstalled Facebook, rebooted my phone and re-installed Facebook and it still doesn't work....all of my other phone features are working.....I'm leaving screen shots to try to help get a resolution.

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  5. aemmii

    aemmii New Member

    I am having the same issue since this morning.....
  6. steve murray

    steve murray New Member

    Best Answer
    same issue here. Reinstalled, cleared cache, cleared data, restarted...
  7. A Rider

    A Rider New Member

    I am having the same problems since about 11:00 this morning. I have unistalled facebook and reinstalled. Still having the same problems. Really annoying.
  8. A Rider

    A Rider New Member

    Done all of the above and still having problems. Any one else still having problems?
  9. Kris Rifkin

    Kris Rifkin New Member

    I've dug deep and found that Android phones are globally affected.....but here's my thing. I have 2 Samsung devices (Tablet and phone). Both Android. Tablet works, phone doesn't. Makes no sense.
  10. martyxxx

    martyxxx New Member

    Same problem here. Two HTC phone's in the house only one with this Facebook problem..Facebook working everywhere else in the house. Screenshot_2015-04-08-17-08-40.png
  11. AndroidProf

    AndroidProf Well-Known Member

    This might be a problem with Facebook's recent app update. It think its a server connection problem with the app. Facebook is aware of this problem and I think they will be fixing it.
    You guys should try to roll back to the previous app before the update and see how that works. Just go to the app manager and uninstall updates.
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  12. AndroidProf

    AndroidProf Well-Known Member

    If the rollback works, post an update here, if it doesn't do the same.
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  13. johnjvj

    johnjvj New Member

    Try to check your date and time setting if it's properly synchronize with the correct time and setting.
  14. DavRob36

    DavRob36 New Member

    I have tried everything without success - so every morning I go into App. Manager delete data - reopen App. and resign in the quickest way I have found. Have sent info to Facebook some while ago thinking may be there problem but still the same.
  15. Brickneck1

    Brickneck1 New Member

    I just bypassed Facebook app, quickly tapped Google Chrome app, then log onto facebook....it's set up just like the app (not a Web page) with recent posts.this will work until Facebook fix this sh*t.
  16. abdul ghani abdul

    abdul ghani abdul New Member

    Go to your phone settings data usage find Facebook app tab and scroll down unchecked restrictions background data it's work 100%
  17. abdul ghani abdul

    abdul ghani abdul New Member

    Go to your phone settings data usage find Facebook app tab and scroll down unchecked restrictions background data it's work 100%

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