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    I am coming from the world of Blackberry, and i constantly had IM+ running on my BB. Always connected. So when i came over to Droid i figured stick with the IM app i know and love. It is only $5 for the fullversion on droid (IM+ Lite is free), much cheaper then the $40 it costs on a Blackberry. I was kinda let down by the fact that it is so simplistic and basic on the Droid, but i guess that's why it's so cheap compared to the BB version.

    I was also let down by the fact there is no Facebook Chat built in. That can be easily remedied though. So i will show you how to use FB chat on IM+. Had to do it this way a few times on my BB when FB chat was down on BB's.

    1. Open up IM+ and go to accounts, then add an account.

    2. Add a Jabber account.

    3. Log into FB on a PC and Go to Account -> Account Settings. Note your username. You will need that. Exactly as it is written. For Login name in IM+ you need to put your FB So for me it is

    4. Password is your normal PW for FB

    5. Server Host is and Port is 5222

    6. Save, Add, and connect. Now you should have FB chat over IM+. I know it works with the full version, wife wouldn't let me try with her IM+ lite, but i am pretty sure it will work too.

    7. ????

    8. Profit. XD


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