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  1. Vickmishra

    Vickmishra New Member

    I've not been able to see the friends who're online when I go to chat on facebook. It keeps loading and after a while it says try again later or something like can't retrieve ...try again later. Any help?

  2. Firedown31

    Firedown31 Member

    I think you need a different app, check the store there's a facebook chat app.
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Yes, about two weeks ago the Facebook team released a new facebook app, and a chat app.

    OP you need to update your facebook app, and download the new chat app
  4. abpanchali

    abpanchali New Member

    Whenever I log in to facebook from my Sony Xperia S ICS phone and try to chat with friends it only shows a random list of names including the friends online from their phones indicated by a phone sign against their name but not a single green dot is present to represent the people online from their pc or mac. Please help me out. Thank you in advance.
  5. jludwig57

    jludwig57 Well-Known Member

    Install Facebook Messenger. Problem solved.

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