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Facebook contact integration syncs ALL my friends instead of just my phonebook contactsSupport

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  1. JaneenM

    JaneenM Member

    Whenever I sync my Facebook contacts to my new phone, it pulls ALL of my facebook friends, even though I only have "sync to only existing contacts" option selected in the facebook app itself, then I have to un-sync. Somehow gmail synched all of the contacts in my emails and my contact list is just a mess right now.

    Is there a way for facebook just to sync only the contacts that are in my phone address book? I do want the status updates and photos to appear for my friends that are saved but I don't need all my facebook friends in my phonebook. Thanks.

  2. llescaflownell

    llescaflownell Well-Known Member

    That is a good question, I had a problem with this too. I didn't search too much about it, because I was going to root my phone and put a custom rom in it anyways.

    So one fix is to root and flash a custom rom.

    Sorry I can't help any further :/
  3. JaneenM

    JaneenM Member

    Interesting. What's a rooted phone? I've been hearing that term a lot.

    M3NACING New Member

    I would also like to figure this out...the very FIRST time I was asked to sync contacts with FB it asked if I want to sync with my phone contacts, since then it never asks. So now I have ALL FN contacts on my phone list which I DON'T want.

    Would LOVE to find the fix to this.

  5. zs3889

    zs3889 Member

    No one knows about this?
  6. Squidbert

    Squidbert New Member

    I'd be interested too. I can't figure out how to remove FB info from the contact list.
  7. JaneenM

    JaneenM Member


    First to remove the synced facebook contact, you have to unlink it from the social hub app. It will ask for a confirmation.

    I've been using these two apps: "SyncMyPix" and "Contapps" (search for them in the Android Market). SyncMyPix syncs your facebook photos with the ones in your address book. You can also manually link and unlink contacts.
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  8. BigCiX

    BigCiX Well-Known Member

    just hit your menu button and go to settings/accounts & sync. From there make sure the green sync wheel next to Facebook is not lit.
  9. cutelilhez

    cutelilhez New Member

    I am only new at this and I am find the ame problem. It is driving me insane. I only want the contacts in my phone to sync with facebook. I dont need all these people in my phone that i dont even talk to often. If i wanted to contact them i would contact them through facebook... not on my phone.... Has anyone worked this out yet?


  10. wirelessmike21

    wirelessmike21 Active Member

    Really should be this simple. If this doesn't work try reinstalling Facebook or at the very least try to go and tweak the Facebook settings. Hope this helps.
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  11. impervious

    impervious Member

    hey this problem is happenign to me too. the facebook is syncing all my friends into my contacts even if i choose only to sync with existing. help? please
  12. gilroy222

    gilroy222 Well-Known Member

    unfortunatly it is not this simple. Everyone here has this selected, but for whatever stupid reason facebook still things you want all of your god damned friends. It worked fine before but my phone was recently updated to ICS via kies and now it's being so f'ing stupid. Also, if you just simply prevent facebook from syncing, then none of your true phone contacts will be synced. There has to be a way, when my phone was on gingerbread it did it fine.
  13. RoarOfZonda

    RoarOfZonda Well-Known Member

    Oh goodness!! THANK YOU! SyncMyPix worked excellent! I swear I've been through so many apps that said they synced facebook pictures to my contact but none worked.

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