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Facebook Contact Sync FroYo

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  1. mrothe

    mrothe Member This Topic's Starter

    Jun 22, 2010
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    Hey, sorry if I've missed a thread already asking this, but I have recently flashed my HTC Hero with FroYo (VillainROM Froyd).
    I have logged into my Facebook account and enabled contact syncing only for contacts already in my address book.
    Most of my contacts were synced with FB back in 1.5 so have the "<sn>id..." bit already in the notes, but it seems this has no use now. Only contacts who have their phone numbers published on facebook (so maybe 10% of my friends) are linked. I can enable all Facebook contacts to sync but that just adds 560 people to my contacts and still doesn't link the google contacts on my phone.
    Unlike in 1.5 there doesn't seem to be any option to manually link a contact with their FB profile, unless I'm missing something.
    Anybody got any advice?
    Thanks, Martin


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