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  1. crazybrit

    crazybrit Member

    I just upgraded to ICS. In the new people app I found I now had two facebook entries for each contact. One Facebook, the other Facebook (my gallery).

    I removed the Facebook (my gallery) account as I have no interest in seeing peoples pics in my gallery ..... I guess this is a builtin android feature.

    The other facebook account was associated with a downloaded app. I removed this and sure enough all the facebook contacts disappeared from the people app.

    I re-added the Facebook (downloaded account) and selected to "sync with existing contacts" (ones already in my contacts) but it doesn't seem to be working, instead in syncs all my fb contacts even ones that are not already in my contacts.

    Bug? or is there a way to fix? I only want facebook info added to contacts I already have in my other address book.

  2. okbeast

    okbeast Well-Known Member

    I chose to 'not sync any' just b/c when I've done syncing before it will double up people and all kinds of crazy crap.
  3. crazybrit

    crazybrit Member

    So if you disable facebook under people app, options, contacts to display, customize, it flips the facebook apps sync contacts value between sync all and sync existing.

    That's non intuitive, I would expect the facebook app to sync whatever and then the people app contacts to display to limit the presentation of syncd data.

    Anyways customizing the contacts to display turning off facebook stops displaying of Facebook only contacts whilst still showing facebook info for existing contacts.

    Seems to be a few usability issues/bugs here.

    Also to the previous poster... if you sync all and have dupes you can click on the dup and do edit join to merge two contacts from diff sources into one.

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