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  1. MrBNice

    MrBNice New Member

    Anyone having issues syncing their Facebook contacts on the LG Spectrum 2. I went through all of the steps that it told me to do and it still won't sync. It looks like it should and even when I click "Sync Now" it takes some time to load something, but still no sync. Just wondering if anyone is having the same issue and/or knows how to solve it.

  2. JessKrep

    JessKrep New Member

    Any chance you found a resolution to this? I am running into the exact same problem. Appears to sync with my FB account but nothing pulls through.
  3. agt7575

    agt7575 New Member

    I found the best way to sync Facebook contacts is to use friendcaster. Its available on the android market for free and does a great job. The app is actually better than the standard Facebook app.
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  4. TommyDeets

    TommyDeets New Member

    Same here, I have removed and resynced my account mulitple times. No luck, pretty annoying. Never realized how many people I never bothered saving another copy because I always had them through Facebook on my Droid 2 and Droid 4.
  5. GrammieDroid

    GrammieDroid Well-Known Member

    The friendcaster works.

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