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Facebook contacts wont sync

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  1. gr4v3r

    gr4v3r Active Member

    I cannot seem to get my facebook contacts to sync. When i setup the account it sucessfully syncs the calendar but has an error while trying to sync contacts. It says "Sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly." It has been saying this for 3 days. I have reinstalled Facebook, Reset the phone, everything. Any input?

  2. emuneee

    emuneee Well-Known Member

    I have the same issue and have done everything you have to resolve it with no success.
  3. radi0chik

    radi0chik Well-Known Member

    if you search the forums, LOTS of people have had this problem. I haven't seen a fix yet.
  4. I successfully synced my Facebook stuff yesterday and today I'm getting the error you are. I think it's just a network interruption thing, but I could be wrong.
  5. gr4v3r

    gr4v3r Active Member

    well good to know its not just me, ill have my friend try syncing his captivates, if it fails its safe to say its facebooks fault i guess
  6. huskerkurt

    huskerkurt Well-Known Member

    I never had this issue on my Captivate, mine synced the first time I tried. However, my wife was having this issue last night when she tried to sync her contacts, but she tried again today and was able to get them to sync.
  7. airmanjerm

    airmanjerm Member

  8. ashoktvm

    ashoktvm New Member

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