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  1. Madmax24

    Madmax24 Member

    When I login to Facebook with my Galaxy 10.1 Tab, using the App available here, photos do not display properly. The right side of the photos are chopped off.

    Everything displays fine when FB is accessed from my RAZR MAXX (also with the App) or my desktop PC, using IE or Firefox.

    Is the problem with my Tablet or the App?

  2. Sue2211

    Sue2211 Member

    Yes I had the same problem a while ago and nobody could help me. I still have the same problem after all this time and research. Tks Sue
  3. JS_racer

    JS_racer Member

    same here, i use the browser on the tab. perfect on my galaxy s3. not sure what the problem is.
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  4. GirlFriday

    GirlFriday Well-Known Member

    Facebook stopped optimizing their mobile app for tablets. It displays as if you have a phone. No one knows why they made such a stupid decision. Use the browser instead.
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  5. BradleyED

    BradleyED Member

    Just look at the picture as a partial thumbnail. If it looks interesting, "click" on it and it shows the whole thing.
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  6. FirebirdStud

    FirebirdStud Well-Known Member

    same on mine. annoying. Facebook mobile is always a pile though. it constantly freezes on my Galaxy SII. Unimpressed.
  7. Madmax24

    Madmax24 Member

    Thanks for the suggestion to use the Browser, rather than the Facebook app. I haven't tried that solution yet, but will give it a go tonight.
  8. Catfish

    Catfish Well-Known Member

    Have this same issue. It is also on Apple mobile devices.

    Facebook only renders decently on a desktop computer IMO. They are frigging useless. I am using Facebook less and less each day as time goes by. No big loss.

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