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Facebook events an hour late in HTC CalendarSupport

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  1. inKRbl

    inKRbl Active Member

    Hi all, with 2.2 facebook events now appear in my calendar. However the start and end time is one hour too late. Other calendar items have the correct time.

    Clock is on Automatic. Date/time set correctly. Time zone is GMT-07:00 (Pacific and DST, so that is right.) [Menu | Settings | Date & time]

    If I use the FB App 1.3.2 it shows the event time correctly.

    Could someone else let me know if your FB events appear in the calendar with either the correct or incorrect time? It'd be helpful if you could confirm your TZ, the TZ chosen by the phone and the event time via the FB app.


  2. inKRbl

    inKRbl Active Member

    The other interesting thing is that Calendar syncing is not listed under Settings | Accounts & sync | Facebook for HTC Sense. (But is listed on the Accounts list within the Calendar App.) Does anyone know if there is a way to view the raw Open Stream data from FB => Android?
  3. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm seeing this as well. I wonder if it has to do with daylight savings time, like the facebook data isn't taking that into account or some such.
  4. inKRbl

    inKRbl Active Member

    Thanks for the confirmation. I'm working on filing this with HTC. Without a debug rig I can't tell if the bug is in FB's feed, Android's parsing, or HTC's Calendar. But because HTC got my money they get to file the issue ;)
  5. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Well-Known Member Contributor

    Sounds like a good plan. I'm actually trying out Gemenii calendar at the moment, so that's where I saw the event being an hour off. I also just checked the HTC calendar and it shows the same.
  6. ihav3ish0oz

    ihav3ish0oz Member

    Yeah I just noticed this a moment ago. It sucks. Kinda complicated my plans for my sister and her boyfriend's birthday party.
  7. inKRbl

    inKRbl Active Member

    HTC has the bug and they're escalating it. My guess is that it isn't an HTC bug at all, but rather a miscalculation in the android system when it is building the local calendar set with the facebook event stream. There are a legion of complaints about FB using relative local time in their data but they've since fixed it to emit UTC. Maybe someone didn't get the memo.

    Is anyone seeing this outside of California or seeing the time off by something other than an hour?
  8. RawlingsSc

    RawlingsSc Well-Known Member Contributor

    I'm in Utah, and it's an hour off. That's what makes me wonder if it has something to do with Daylight savings time.
  9. inKRbl

    inKRbl Active Member

    I found a work-around for the FB timing issue. On your FB events page, there is a link to 'Export Events'. If you take this link url and add it into your google calendar directly (on the web page, not the phone app), the phone will sync it with correct times. Then turn off the phone's FB feed (or you'll get double events, double birthdays).

    My money is on an Android bug, but I'll let HTC escalate it.
  10. kyleki

    kyleki New Member

    I'm still experiencing this and I have the exact same setup and symptoms as the OP. Is there a link to the issue filled with HTC or do they not have a public facing bug tracker? I'll try the workaround in the meantime, but this really needs to be fixed.
  11. ItalianDragn

    ItalianDragn Member

    yup... having this same issue. I live in Portland and all my FB events are showing an hour late... caused some confusion...
  12. IceNixie

    IceNixie New Member

    I live in Baltimore, and this is a problem (again)... I hadn't noticed it for a while, but it just started again, a few weeks ago. Very probably this is a daylight savings time issue, since that started not TOO long ago as well...
  13. paulnothtc

    paulnothtc New Member

    Hard to believe but this problem is still around. When trying to sync with a gmail calendar sync I have discovered a that the automatic time and timezone setting gives the incorrect timezone. I live near Portland, OR and am currently on Pacific Daylight Time yet the time zone reported is Mountain Standard Time. This is the same offset form GMT but the calendar programs including the sync to gmail use the time zone and daylight saving time to sync their calendars. The incorrect time zone causes events scheduled now for November (off daylight savings) to be off by one hour. During non-daylight savings time all day events can be off by a day.
  14. albielyons

    albielyons New Member

    I'm having a similar problem but it is more than an hour out, Facebook events appear 8 hours further forward in my Android calendar.
    I have a Galaxy Note running Android 4.0.3, I live in Perth Australia (which is +8:00 GMT, coincidence with the 8 hours?).

    This problem only started for some reason last week. Prior to that the Facebook events were in the calendar on time.

    I know most of these hypothesised causes are daylight savings related but that is obviously not relevant to mine as we do not have daylight savings here and besides, it is 8 hours out, not 1.

    Did anyone manage to figure this problem out?
  15. albielyons

    albielyons New Member

  16. adamf663

    adamf663 New Member

    two years have passed and it is still broken
  17. ericso82

    ericso82 New Member

    3 years have now passed, and I'm experiencing the issue on my HTC One

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