Facebook events still showing for friend after I deleted him?

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  1. stanw

    stanw Well-Known Member

    I was friends with someone who kept sending me event invites that I didnt care about and they showed up on my calendar on my Note2, so I removed him as a friend, however, his events are still displaying in my calendar. I turned off Facebook calendar synching and turned it back on, though somehow his events are still there.

    Anyone know how to remove these?


  2. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    Were only his events showing up, or were others as well? If other events were there before, did they disappear as expected? While the sync was off, were any of them visible?
  3. stanw

    stanw Well-Known Member

    Not sure if other events were showing up, I don't think I was invited to any, though bdays have been showing up.

    Events and bdays disappeared when I turned off sync, they all came back when I turned it back on.

    This guy's events are still there and I just confirmed in my FB account that he is no longer a friend of mine.
  4. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    Hmm, I would've thought that they'd all play by the same rules. Can you delete them like any other event? Is it its own calendar that you can simply uncheck from the calendar app?
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  5. stanw

    stanw Well-Known Member

    There is only an option to turn the facebook calendar synching on or off. There does not appear to be a way to choose which friends to synch calendars with. I liked that it showed friends bdays, though this guy is spamming my calendar and he is not even my fb friend anymore so I guess my option is to turn it off.
  6. stanw

    stanw Well-Known Member

    Just deleted the fb app and reinstalled it and this guys crap is still on my calendar.
  7. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    And you can't delete them like you can with other non-Facebook events in your calendar, correct?
  8. RyanB

    RyanB Distributor of Awesome VIP Member

    OK, have you tried these steps?:

    1) Delete the event from ur facebook,

    2) Update and sync ur facebook in ur android phone

    3) Got to settings->applications->manage applications -> all->calenders-> clear data(clear cache)

    or u can aslo go to facebook app main page and select settings->sync->remove facebook data

    4) sync facebook again
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  9. stanw

    stanw Well-Known Member

    There is no option to delete them like normal calendar events...
  10. stanw

    stanw Well-Known Member

    This is all very frustrating and doesn't make sense...

    1.) The event does not show up on my FB account. The person is no longer a friend and FB seems to recognize that and has removed it from the calendar when I click on Events.

    2.) I delete the FB app entirely and reinstalled it

    3.) I deleted the cache for the calendar, calendar widget and calendar storage and it removed it along with other stuff and then it came right back..

    4.) I don't see an option for "settings->sync->remove facebook data" in my FB app

    Thanks for your help...


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