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  1. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    The Phone list displays the primary number for each contact, as it should, whereas People requires you to select the contact first and then the number. I know it's only one extra click, but it's not as slick. Either way, there should be an option to select what you want to see in the Phone list the same as you can in the People app.

  2. KingWoo

    KingWoo New Member

    When you sign in to your Facebook for HTC Sense for the first time just go to the settings really quickly and uncheck "Sync Contacts" before it has a chance to sync them.
  3. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    This isn't ideal and you need to be really quick to uncheck this sync option.

    It would be better if the Phone list only contained legitimate contacts, such as Google, SIM, phone, etc. and had the option to enable/disable Facebook contacts, like you can do in the people app, or not have this option at all, being as the People app already has the ability to view your Facebook friends' contact information.

    I like the HTC Facebook integration, but would really like to remove the clutter from my Phone list.
  4. Moogle

    Moogle Well-Known Member

    I followed the advice of using dialer one, but cannot for the life of me get my speed dials back. :(
  5. jaztim

    jaztim Member

    This is how I have done it.
    Accounts & synch and remove the facebook account.
    Then go and sign in again, unticking the synch contacts option.

    Job done. My contacts are google only.
  6. bmbaker2003ad

    bmbaker2003ad New Member

    go to your phone book press menu, display options, and check the box - only contacts with phone numbers. and your done :)
  7. suicida

    suicida Active Member

    This is exactly what I have done, the FB contact sync is broken anyway. Too many bugs. In the first two days of owning my Desire I had the following issues:

    • Being completely unable to call or text one contact because she had her phone number listed as "447..." on Facebook (without the '+' at the start)
    • Constantly changing contact photos to the FB profile pic even though I told the phone to use the Google contact photo
    • Texts from my bank looking like they had come from a FB friend because they had their phone number listed as "ask me..." on FB

    I honestly think HTC didn't test this feature at all before release and my experience of the phone has been much better since I turned it off.
  8. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    This option is only available in the People app and doesn't have any impact on the Phone list. If you set this in the People app, the Phone list still displays Facebook contact information and even where the user has input text like "Message me for number," etc.

    What I want is none of the Facebook contact information to appear in my Phone list. My Phone list should only be for my own actual contacts, such as Google, SIM, and phone saved information, unless I choose otherwise. I shouldn't have to navigate through loads of clutter to find my legitimate contacts.

    The People app works exactly how I want the Phone list to, like being able to choose whether to display the Facebook information or not.
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  9. gimi

    gimi Member

    Totally agree with this and I have sent HTC a bug report, because this is a bug. Please do the same. This makes the Sense Facebook integration useless. This is what I sent:

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  10. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    I use HTC Sense Facebook to sync my contacts and have noticed that despite it being set to auto update once a day, none of my linked contacts' pictures are updating when they change them and some were changed weeks ago.
  11. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    What happens to linked contacts when you remove Facebook for HTC Sense from Accounts & Sync? Is Google Contacts intelligent enough to remove the code that makes the link in each contact's profile?
  12. swansong04

    swansong04 Member

    YES !! this is what i want help with too ..no facebook phone numbers in my phone book !!....this is a real pain in the ass!!! is there any solution to this yet !!!

  13. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    Apparently HTC were aware of this issue before the FroYo was released, so I was hoping FroYo would also bring a fix for this, but alas it didn't. :(
  14. Eris Ed

    Eris Ed Well-Known Member

    I had the same issue because I have 1000+ Facebook friends for games. I was already signed in to Facebook for Android (which I use without issue), but the problems started when I signed in to the Facebook Online Directory. It was great for a short while - 3 out of the 16 Google contacts in my phone were linked to their Facebook profile, and their status and other FB info was added to their Contact page in People. However, when 57mb of unrequired Facebook data filled up my internal storage and crashed my phone, the novelty soon wore off!

    I cleared the data using Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Menu > Sort by size. Contacts Storage was at the top of the list and deleting the data removed all the Facebook contact info, and also signed me out of the Facebook Online Directory. My Gmail contacts (all 16 of them) remained in the phone.

    It's a shame I can't just sync my Gmail contacts with their Facebook profile, rather than having to download ALL Facebook friend details.

    One more thing regarding accessing phone contacts for calling.....do any of you use the Smart Dial feature? I use this all the time instead of selecting a contact from a list. Press the Phone button to open the dialler, then start typing the persons name or phone number using the alphanumeric keypad. So, if I wanted to call Steve, I would type 7, 8, 3 and Steve would appear in the list at the top of the page. If Steve's number started with 07837, I could achieve the same thing by typing 0, 7, 8, etc. It's a very quick way to cut through all your contacts to get directly to the person you need in the minimum number of keystrokes.
  15. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    A while ago I ended up removing Facebook for HTC Sense and then adding it again, but quickly going to Accounts & sync and then deselecting 'sync contacts' which stopped all the junk appearing in the Phone list, but still gave me the other functionality, like uploading images via HTC Sense and browsing friends' photos in the Gallery app, etc. The only thing I lost was the ability to link contacts to Facebook, the list was blank when you tried to do this, but I could live with that for a clutter free Phone list and less contact storage being used.

    Fast forward to today and I was prompted for the 2.10.405.2 update and what do I notice as I start typing in the To field of a message, the junk that was there before when Facebook for HTC Sense was set to sync contacts, so I checked Accounts & sync and both 'sync live feed' and 'sync contacts' were still unchecked.

    Stupid post update Facebook for HTC Sense!
  16. DAE51D

    DAE51D Well-Known Member

    How are you guys launching "Facebook for HTC"? I see it in my "Manage Applications" along with "Facebook", but I only see "Facebook" in the list of icons when you push the little arrow that shows "All Apps".

    I actually have the other issue. I want to re-sync all the contacts because now I show duplicates and I am manually having to go in one at a time and link them. :(

    I've tried to clear both FB and FB for HTC cache and data but that didn't force a re-sync.
  17. DAE51D

    DAE51D Well-Known Member

    Where is the site/url to submit HTC Sense bug reports? I've found a few I'd like to report myself... :(
  18. tulsah

    tulsah New Member

    Ty Mike this saved me alot of pain hehe :p guess u dont know how i can get the real msn bk on here now? x
  19. epu

    epu New Member

    Maybe having an email is a requirement of linking?

    I had multiple contacts in my list. I might be crazy, but over time, as I added email addresses to some imported contacts from my previous phone, the Sense UI would notify me that there were some potential links, and link those into their fb and twitter identites.
  20. DAE51D

    DAE51D Well-Known Member

    I have a problem where some Facebook contacts don't even show up for some reason. I know they exist as they're some of my close friends. It's really infuriating.
  21. will.moindrot

    will.moindrot New Member

    Hi I had the same problem as Op. New phone incredible s 2.3.3 . Seems that it impossible to turn off the sync contacts option at all quick enough after activating Facebook for sense. And this gave fb contacts in the phone list (yes I could filter in People but not the initial phone list or messages). But what workedwas what another user said about clearing application data for contacts (with th sync contacts already turned off). This innitially has effect of losing all contacts but after few arcs your Google ones start syncing in. So you end up with clean phone list. Now I need to work out way to link those remaining contacts with their th accounts!
  22. will.moindrot

    will.moindrot New Member

    My last post still stands, but I found after a while that the Facebook for HTC Sence Sync Contacts option re-enables itself (I think when the phone is turned off and then on). See this post by Hobbitmann [Q] Stop HTC Sense syncing Facebook to Phone [Archive] - xda-developers. I really want HTC to do something about it. I like having the friend stream interfaced with the rest of the environment but I don't like what it does to the first screen of the phone book. Seriously considering Cyanogenmod
  23. Greenbean

    Greenbean Member

    For this reason I HATE HTC for this, I had 30+ contacts with notes I had put in the gmail contacts myself, signed into my gmail for the first time with an HTC and within a few minutes they were all erased and overwritten with a "code" of sorts for HTC trying to link them to FB contacts.

    I wish they would do something about this, for real!

  24. Parrot-Head

    Parrot-Head Member

    So what happens if you go into Accounts & Sync and remove the account for FB for HTC Sense?
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  25. rsevarg

    rsevarg New Member

    Parrot-head, I think you have saved my life, or at least my sanity... That worked instantaneously. Now I have no facebook app, but I'm going to add back the android app instead of the HTC Sense app and I bet it will be OK. If not, I know how to revert while I figure out wtf to do next. Thanks!

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