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Facebook for HTC Sense - Login IssueSupport

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  1. dca860

    dca860 Well-Known Member

    Nope - no change for me.
    Is this a T-mobile thing or all Heros?

  2. Mike589

    Mike589 New Member

    I seem to have the same problem. I can log in with the HTC sense FB app, but I get no Facebook contacts in people. I don't have any other FB app installed at the moment.

    I do however get all my facebook contacts in the album viewer :mad:. Is this the same for anyone else?

    I really want my pictues and notifications back, please fix this T-mob/HTC. My wife also has this phone, but she is going to stick with 1.5 until this is sorted.
  3. dca860

    dca860 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried going into each 'people' contact to update the FB link?
    Personally, I wish I had stuck to 1.5 now.
  4. fluffyducky

    fluffyducky Member

    Do we know if this issue is being fixed whoever is causing it? I may just go to 2.2 if it's not being repaired.
  5. Mike589

    Mike589 New Member

    I have tried this, but as I have no Facebook contacts in the people section, I can't link them together. Here's hoping for a fix.
  6. fluffyducky

    fluffyducky Member

    I've created a bug report with Facebook. Dunno what good it will do but its logged with them.
  7. dca860

    dca860 Well-Known Member

    You can't. 2.2 will never be available to the Hero.
    I understand this is due to handset limitations (ROM memory?)
  8. fluffyducky

    fluffyducky Member

    I can. I'm rooted.
  9. dca860

    dca860 Well-Known Member

    OK - now you've got me. Can you explain (rooted? how?)
  10. fluffyducky

    fluffyducky Member

    I wouldn't worry, appears the proper upgrade has finally been released. I just followed a guide last week to give me full access to the phone, rather than just the front end orange/htc want you to see. It allows you to run custom roms. I followed this Installing Custom ROMs - VillainROM Wiki but I'm not sure how complete the 2.2 rom is so I'm not going to try it...

    On topic though - I wonder if the fact the official orange 2.1 ota has been released, could it mean they have fixed the facebook sync????
  11. bigkstrong

    bigkstrong New Member

    I was having the same issue on my MyTouch 3G Slide. I called HTC and this is the "possible" fix that has worked for some:

    "Go to Facebook and update your current workplace to make sure that you have a city/town entered (it can't be blank)."

    After I updated workplace city/town, I was able to login immediately. I hope this helps.
    fluffyducky and alinver like this.
  12. dca860

    dca860 Well-Known Member

    Hey - that's fixed HALF of the problem. Well done. Facebook for HTC sense now connects fine BUT BUT BUT, it still won't allow members of the 'people' list to be linked. When I select the link, facebook is a selectable option but then it doesn't show me the of friends to select from.
    Still, I'm feeling like we'll get there soon.
    I called T-mobile today and they assure me that popping into will mean the techie there will be able to fix this for me.
    So this is either a fob-off or a light at the end of the tunnel
  13. egluck

    egluck Member

    Wow, how did you figure that out? You are the effing man! Still, I also have the problem where I can't link the friends because the list is empty. :( :?
  14. alinver

    alinver Well-Known Member

    Amazing! Worked perfectly.

  15. jhuff83

    jhuff83 Well-Known Member

    Worked for me as well. Very strange. Still can't link contacts.
  16. bigkstrong

    bigkstrong New Member

    Working feverishly to get the second half of the problem resolved.
  17. alekos

    alekos Member

    as of the 27/07/2010 it seems to be working again, in a hero running latest orange UK ROM
  18. nikpik2012

    nikpik2012 New Member

    Last night updated to .66 in order to get part 1 of the Orange 2.1 update for my Hero. Since updating ROM and installing 1st part of 2.1 update I can no longer log in to Facebook via Sense UI. Have tried all the suggestions in the above thread but nothing has worked. Have tried via wifi and mobile data connection but still the same message that the service is currently not available.
    The FB app is working fine
    Any suggestions?
  19. bazlington

    bazlington Well-Known Member

    I have managed to log into Htc sense by adding a work location, but I now have no friends on my Facebook contacts. Anyone got a fix yet?
  20. Same here with my Hero.
  21. They're all turned on already. Makes no difference.
  22. rock0lla

    rock0lla New Member

    I updated my ROM to .66 and downloaded the first part of the 2.1 orange update last night. Since then I can log into FB via HTC Sense and it links some of my contacts with FB profiles, but not all. When I try to do this manually, some of the people are missing from my FB friends via Sense so I can't select them to link up. They are still listed as friends via FB app and the PC. Any ideas?! Thanks.
  23. fluffyducky

    fluffyducky Member

    Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! It worked!! Defo not going back to stock if this is now fully functioning! Yayzorz.
  24. welsh_android

    welsh_android New Member

    I have experience the same problem on my Orange Hero. I had updated to the latest ROM (.66 i believe) a while ago but had to do a factory reset. the reset went fine, imported all my contacts, however, when i went to link them to their facebook profiles half of them were not showing on my friends list. checked facebook and they are all still on there. this has only happened since the factory reset and download of the latest ROM, before i could access them all with the same ROM loaded.

    Any ideas?
  25. bunt83

    bunt83 Well-Known Member


    I've added a work location and can now log in.

    How did you link your contacts?????

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